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TSA-Style Screenings Now at Movie Theaters?

In the wake of a massacre at a Batman showing in Colorado, fears are arising that the government will use the shooting to implement TSA-inspired molestations at theaters. What is your opinion? Do you believe this is possible?

Since the Friday shooting at the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, the Twitterverse was filled with postings from people worried about multiplex security patting down folks and searching their bags.

The National Association of Theatre Owners has already announced intentions to collaborate with police on new "security procedures," whatever that means.


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Failing Theater Industry

If you want to kill an already struggling movie industry, bring in TSA-style checkpoints. How many people here would go through when they can just watch it on blueray in a few months? Dinner and a movie will now involve going back home to watch something.
How many small theaters would this kill? I live in Tacoma and in just the last 20 years we have already lost 5 theaters. I can't imagine the remaining 3 theaters surviving if forced to have checkpoints by The National Association of Theatre Owners. Just look at how many are flying these days compared to the 90's.

I wonder if this type of move

Will reduce the amount of bon bons that I can sneak in to avoid those jacked up prices

It won't help, but it creates jobs.

"It’s believed that the shooter bought a ticket for the movie and walked into the theatre with the rest of the crowd. It appears that he propped an exit door open and then reappeared with weapons."

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/12-dead-58-injured-in-colorado-t...

Free includes debt-free!

Happening in NYC

2 police have been at the theater up the block now for days.

Let's all overreact!!

We should all go to prison. That way we could let the government figure out who they'll let out into the free Utopian world they've created. That's if "Uncle Ben" Bernanke doesn't bail us out first.

and then you die

Don't think

either the government or small business owners could afford added security. In small rural areas like gainesville florida, theaters regularly cancel showings if less than 5 or 10 people show up.

It's all about their profit margins. most business owners operate with minimal profit margins so the idea of passing on additional costs will just drive them under!

Truth is, when you dissarm law abiding citizens you create the potential for disaster and create the need for added security.

Here in florida we have alot of conceiled weapons permits...

if the shooter tried this here, odds are a moviegoer would have shot him, thereby saving lives. If 9-11 passengers were allowed to carry, one of them would have shot the terrorists and saved lives.

Label Jars, Not People!

The solution is simple

If a business implements procedures or requirements that you don't agree with and aren't willing to be subjected to, don't patronize that business.

Exactly, this would finally kill off the theater films industry

... which already is being strangled by home entertainment.

TSA would be the final nail in the coffin.

Coming soon to a home near you ...

Sooner or later the govt security imbeciles will use some psychopath's killing of a family member as an excuse to require regular "security checks" in your home.

Notice that it is already the case that they ignore all legitimate opportunities to follow thru on warning signs before any nutcase goes off and does something destructive. This works to the benefit of the security imbeciles, who do not care about security, rather they care about imposing their power.

It's called 'Mission Creep'

It's called 'Mission Creep' and it's exponential...

They already do this

with some homeschoolers. Who KNOWS what parents could be doing to their kids, they aren't being MONITORED.
I actually got into it with a commie about this. He sincerely believed that "social workers' (state agents" need to make routine inspections into private homes to be sure that parents aren't teaching their kid "lies" like belief in God. It's "child abuse", you know.
Never mind that state agents have been dumbing down and using operant conditioning on the population for years in kidjails and this dumbing down is deliberate and well documented, it is PARENTS who are "abusers" in the eyes of these state worshippers.
The nerve of parents thinking they know what is best for their own kids.

But no DIY

crotch feeling at the movies! That'll get you arrested!


The govt owns your crotch! You stand back, you don't know how to handle it, it's too dangerous for you!

Good one!

If people let them get away with it

they will have TSA at the grocery stores, library, gas stations, convenience stores, every street corner, ..., basically everywhere!
Maybe when people are getting felt up multiple times a day they will get the true meaning of "police state".
But, they will probably be like Germany was and either think it is "necessary" or be afraid to say anything about it!

It's just another example of

It's just another example of NOT taking the proper action, i.e. ENCOURAGE patrons to be armed which would STOP these mass killings by psychopaths. Yes, a trained marksman can shoot accurately even in enclosed places like airlines and theaters. With armed citizens, let's see a psycho try to release a 2nd canister of tear gas. Most importantly, the taxpayers would have been spared the expense of a trial. ;) Naturally, the fascist state will use this tragedy as an excuse to further eviscerate any freedom left in our former republic. We have a police state based on a merger of corporate and state interests ... or fascism. In the process, theaters like airlines will lose money as patrons balk at the blatant attack on their rights under the former 4th amendment.

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power" - Mussolini

Theatre waste of money

you can have netflix on tv or on computer or people record these movies on internet to watch for free as well.

Well, they need to make SURE everybody is dis-armed

... so that the *real* psychos that are determined to sneak weapons in past the incompetent govt screeners, will be encouraged to do so.

This way they can then be sure the crowd will be totally defenseless.


now i can finally feel safe.

now i can finally feel safe.


apparently my aunt is o.k.

apparently my aunt is o.k. with watching her daughter get molested at the airport in front of her eyes. it made her feel safe.

I guess i now know why pedophiles have such a high standing in our society. we feel so much safer with them as politicians and priests.


nunc scio - "now i know"

nunc scio - "now i know"



I will NOT go to a theater if they do that.....

and F! the TSA!

so dumb... this idea we can

so dumb... this idea we can have total safety is nuts. someone hell bent on killing, will. secure the theatre they'll go somewhere else... what about if someone shoots up a crowded beach? we gonna attempt to 'secure' the beach then?

Secure the theater?

I don't think they are securing ANYTHING. By disarming us and imposing their will upon us, they are making things WAAYYY more dangerous.

Of course your argument is correct, even giving them the benefit of the doubt about whether they are *capable* of securing anything.

Haven't been to the movies in years

I don't support socialist propaganda.

The good news is!

The good news is, they aren't going to allow people to wear masks in theaters. So we're all safe! Genius!

If that happened it would

If that happened it would completely kill the movie theater business. People have to fly, drive, and take trains. They don't have to buy movie tickets.

my friend, trust me on this

my friend, trust me on this one, Americans are too dumb to oppose being finger f***** by TSA in order to watch a movie.

Even with the airport security, don't remember the exact figure, but only something like 300 passangers out of 1.000.000 are making "trouble", like saying they don't have to show ID, protesting for having to take their shoes off, etc.

And this is 5 years old news, I'm sure today this number is even lower...

If this actually were to

If this actually were to happen, piracy would spike.

Let movie theaters have TSA

Let movie theaters have TSA style screening if they want, and let the people choose if they want to attend, or if they want to go to movies without such security.

I would be fine with airlines having TSA molestations, provided they arent required to do so by the government. Thus people who want to fly with the illusion of added security, they can, and people who don't can just risk it

Also available: Any level of security in between

How the hell did this get a

How the hell did this get a thumb up?