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iSideWith.com: Interesting website shows where battleground states are leaning

I am the last person who could be called a GJ supporter, but if these results are any indication, it seems alot of people agree with him. Click on each state to see who the majority of participants from the state support.

One question I have though is; how many people will vote either straight Dem or GOP regardless of issues? Not scientific, but an interesting site not the less.


My Results:

I side with Ron Paul on 99% of the issues in the 2012 Presidential election.

Knowing that evolution is a fact kept me from scoring 100%
(Do you believe the theory of Evolution?
Ron Paul: No
You: Evolution is a fact, not a theory)

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I just tried to answer the questions as terrible/evil as I could

To be honest, I thought Obama would be #1, turns out it was Romney - Obama #2.

And here are the results:

Romney 75%
Obama 25%
Ron Paul 3%

Oh and when I filled out the questions honestly I got Ron Paul 96%. Obama was last at a couple %.

2% in Agreement with

2% in Agreement with Obama.... I think we both like our eggs sunny side up.

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uhh ohh :)

Johnson 93
Paul 90


surprise surprise, romney is #1 in two states...

one is S. Dakota (WTF S Dakota)

and the other is..........UTAH, yeah didn't see that comming.

Pretty cool...

Just keep in mind this data is way skewed toward the internet-using, survey-taking crowd, probably generally better-informed and all. If only that was the whole nation...

My Wife converted to Ron Paul

This site iSideWith converted my wife in 5 minutes after 4 years of my bugging her with Ron Paul info. She got the link from a Facebook friend not me.

My best friend too

He was stunned that he agreed 96% with Ron Paul. I wasn't, he's my best friend. He was just blinded by MSM bias.

In a 3-way matchup...

I used the statistics from iSideWith.com, assumed 2008 voter turnout, and calculated the projected popular vote totals for a three-way election between Johnson, Romney, and Obama assuming that everyone votes according to issues.

The results were interesting:

Gary Johnson - 36.9% (48,082,365 votes)
Barack Obama - 36.2% (47,194,670 votes)
Mitt Romney - 26.9% (34,974,331 votes)

I performed the same analysis with Paul, Romney, and Obama. Surprisingly, here are the results:

Ron Paul - 34.6% (45,118,611 votes)
Barack Obama - 37.7% (49,103,070 votes)
Mitt Romney - 27.7% (36,029,684 votes)

The statistics from iSideWith.com were taken on 7-21-2012 with 870K policy questionnaires completed.

Not Sure Now On Evolution.

Voted you up and - until recently - might have sided with you on evolution. However, read a bit since then (Origins - by Phillip Day). It had me doubting myself on the subject. In fact Evolution founder Charles Darwin himself constantly referred to the theory's lack of real evidence to back up his hypothesis. Some localised adaptations yes - but evolution? - monkeys to humans? - is not a fact - only a theory still.

Thanks for the vote up, but...

When Darwin was living, there was nowhere near the evidence that has since been discovered.

Monkeys to human? Evolution does not in any way suggest monkeys turned into or became humans. This is a very gross misunderstanding of the "theory".

I won't use this space to expound the theory, but you may wish to do some further research.

If you like many find reading very tedious or simply don't have the time might I suggest you visit this channel:


The link is of a very informative series of "docus" that will give you the basics of the theory and help you better understand it.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

Not trying to start an arguement but...

There is at least as much evidence for the theory of evolution as there is for the theory of gravity. It is true that Evolution will always be a "theory" rather than a "fact" but the evidence is overwhelming.

(evolution was one of the very few places I disagreed with Dr. Paul as well, but I still scored well with him on science because I want to leave things up to the states)

86 % fer Ron Paul

I reckon some fluoride damage is evident, tad flikted

LOve the R3volution

Not Surprised At All

100% Ron Paul
96% Gary Johnson
84% Virgil Goode
54% Stewart Alexanderon
24% Barack Obama
24% Jimmy McMillanno
15% Mitt Romney
10% Jill Steinno
51% Connecticut Voters
51% American Voters


100% Libertarian
24% Democratic
15% Republican
10% Green


Ron Paul 93%
Gary Johnson 91%
Jimmy McMillan????? 74% lol
Mitt 69%

Oddly PA voters side with me at 79% and American voters at 78% so I am assuming that these numbers are based only on those responding to this poll and not reality. I can dream though.
I was pleased though to find out that Stein is Jill and not Ben. lol


RP 92
GJ 89
VG 88
MR 84 (not sure if that's flip or flop mode)
BO 7 (interesting initials)
AV 81

Lib 92. RP 84. Gr 27. Dem 7. (that officially make me a Lib?)

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

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No Surprises Here

99% Ron Paul
96% Gary Johnson
62% Romney

99% Lib
62% Repub
5% Dem

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


I scored 93% Gary Johnson and 91% Ron Paul. I had disagreements with Dr. Paul on global warming (it's a hoax as science has proven), evolution (creationism and evolution are not mutually exclusive), gay marriage (I liked his - "get gov't out of the marriage business" response better than my "allow it"), and immigration (nuanced differences in our stances).

Engaging in advanced citizenship

Just as I figured

1. Ron Paul (#1 vote) 95%
2. Gary Johnson (#2 vote)86%
(F the rest)

93% Libertarian (absolutely!)

Evolution is a fact?

That must make industrial social darwinism the "factory" of evolution.

Very clever

Plus 1 for that!

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

RP 98% GJ 97% 98%

RP 98%
GJ 97%

98% libertarian
36% republican
8% green
5% dem

Evolution is a fact,

Evolution is a fact, huh?


Ron Paul is

a Christian that is why he doesn't believe in evolution. He believes God created everything as do I. Religion and evolution are both theories and neither a fact. It's a persons own beliefs which is what the constitution grants us.

Evolution is not creationism

One can easily believe in God the creator and evolution.

Like it or not animals evolve. Period. Natural selection is real. So is God, in my humble opinion.

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It doesn't just come down to

It doesn't just come down to the answers to these questions. it is who do you trust to carry out the promises as well...especially after what we have seen Obama do. That is a much bigger part of this election, to me it's the missing piece that MSM will never bring up. I would vote for Ron Paul thru and thru because he is the ONLY one I trust. This is just 1 example, there are many others of why I would choose RP over Romney in a heart beat. Even through the entire campaign I saw how the GOP treated RP delegates and Romney never came out to say this isn't right or that isn't right. if it were me, running for something as prestigous and POTUS, I would want to win the RIGHT way, not just ANY way. Romney has only proved further that he is not good peple. After he pulls his dirty tricks the fact that he can get in front of a camera with that big smile, makes me cringe... So these questions are very important and way back when was preety much all you needed to know to decide who you want to vote for. However this time around, they are only about 30% of it. Intergrity plays a huge role this time....So sorry.

We sided 92% Ron Paul.


RP 92%
GJ 80%
MR 71%
BO 17%

90% Libertarian 71% Republican 23% Green 17% Democratic.


Interesting site

I scored with Ron Paul being my highest then Gary a couple points behind that.

I side 98% with Ron Paul

I just took the 2012 election quiz and found that I side 98% with Ron Paul, especially on Economic, Foreign Policy, Domestic policy, Immigration, Healthcare, and Social issues. Who do you side with?

however - they cheated -

Should the United States increase our space exploration efforts and budget?

Ron Paul: Regardless, we should only use government funds for national defense purposes and leave exploration to the private sector

You: Regardless, we should not use space-based technology for military purposes

I selected to leave exploration in the private sector! - Nothing about military uses in my answer!

That was pretty good. Surprised

Good quiz. Had to click on "more answers" most of the time.
98% GJ
97% RP

--Most likely it was my "evolution is a fact" answer.

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Ron Paul 99 percent

Gary who?

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Also got 96 RP / 96 GJ

But the reason is because I answered that I believe in evolution. Did Ron Paul really say he doesn't believe in evolution? I find that hard to believe that a well-educated gynecologist could ever doubt an established principle of biology. If he hasn't said that, then this poll is inaccurate and should be fixed.