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What if Ron Paul

I'm just curious.
Ron Paul's goal with this campaign was for liberty supporters to join and take over the GOP from within. He has grown a foothold within the party though this method.
It is also likely that Ron Paul will not win the GOP nomination though I'm hoping otherwise.

If he is serious about taking over the GOP, then he has two options.

Option 1: He can make no endorsement of Romney or endorse a third party. This will de-legitimize him and his supporters further within the GOP and make them more desirous of purging the Ron Paul Republicans due to their lack of loyalty to the party. They won't be receptive to any of Ron's libertarian ideas. This means the only way for liberty to win at the next go-around is to have the sheer numbers necessary - whether that be primary voters or delegates.

Option 2 is endorsing Romney. In the eyes of the GOP, this will show that Ron Paul and his followers will place the party first above their freedom principles. The GOP will appreciate Ron Paul steering his supporters to be loyal to the party despite copious disagreements and an awful candidate. The GOP might even be a bit more receptive to a few libertarian ideas because it will show that we don't intend to take over the party - but rather will go along to get along. In essence, our loyalty might buy us a small place at the table. If we are seen as legitimate Republicans, some Republicans will listen to us a bit more readily. This seems to follow his stated strategy.

So, my question is:
IF Ron Paul loses Tampa and then endorses Romney in order for his movement to gain a bit of trust from the GOP, what will you do? Follow Paul's directive, or do something else?

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As a lifelong conservative Republican

I cannot vote for a liberal, progressive, socialist, anti 2nd amendment, pro abortion, pro fiat money, globalist stooge. Not even if Ron Paul tells me to.

I really believe that if you vote for Romney, you are not a Republican.

Option #1, with a spin

He will not tell his supporters how to vote, but instead tell them to use their best judgement between the existing candidates or not vote at all. He will advise that we cannot fix our problems with more war, more money, more regulation, more surveilance, etc., so he will tell us to be active and vocal and make it clear we want elected officials to read and follow the Constitution.

It will be hard for the Republican Party to eject Ron Paul supporters for being...eh hem...Republican. Romney will lose because it will be clear he is not a Republican or a Conservative, and certainly not a libertarian. Romney will be the one out of step with America.

Obama will get four more years. The Republican Party elite will get a whuppin'. Maybe (there are no guarantees in politics) the loss will teach the Elite not to ignore and undermine the People if they really want to win.

(I'm not convinced they want to win. They just want their wars, their taxes, and their spending, and Obama will serve that purpose just as well as Romney.)

It's doubtful that Ron Pauls first 'Directive' to his supporters

would be to follow Romney...

Tweeting occasionally as his best friend @cracky4prez on the twitter.