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Will the media win again, or will people demand answers and have the ability to point out the obvious?

While I have posted the fact that the Colorado shooters accuracy in a smoky theater while wearing a gas mask would make Lee Harvey Oswald look like an amateur, there are other obvious issues which must now be discussed. Let the left have their opinion on gun control as it will not sway the opinion of those who believe not only in the constitution, but the right to self defense, but the questions that must be answered now are based on Ron Paul's prediction that liberty should never be sacrificed for false security. We now have the government admitting that they violated citizens constitutional 4th amendment rights:


As the TSA are allowed to continue this practice today, the shooting gives us a glimpse of the false security provided by the new police state apparatus and the massive amount of waste that goes with the DHS. The left in Congress will be on the attack on the MSM as we all know, as well as the leftist media already on the attack and grouping individuals to lay blame at the firearms themselves and those that support them. What we must be asking is how this could have occurred in our current spy state? Internet monitoring, phone calls recorded, citizens tracked via cell phone, and all for what? How secure do you feel now that your rights have been taken away and the reality sets in that there is no real security, only a facade of security which is nothing more than a front to steal away Americans constitutional rights and abuses specifically forbidden in the Constitution, while wasting national treasure on another failed government adventure.


So while the pressure will be on Senators to take actions against the second amendment it is important to point out these facts. The theater where the shooting took place was also a "no firearms allowed" business which lends to the fact that the theater company did not want to allow citizens to have the right to self defense. This is not a blanket statement saying that the results would have been any different, but it certainly couldn't have been any worse. While the left will have their attacks against the mass majority, it is our responsibility to point out the facts that we are truly no safer from terrorists like the shooter in Colorado, and the government has again failed even while violating the founding fabric of our nation. Do not let them spin this where they want it and make sure you ask the right questions; not to make this another conspiracy, but a chance to point out that once again Ron Paul was right, usurping of constitutional rights does not equal security.

We mourn the loss of the souls in that theater, but at the same time we must point out the obvious that be it pre 9/11, or post Colorado shooting the government is inept at making the nation secure, and it is and always will be the responsibility of the people to protect themselves, while remembering anything we say that lends to a conspiracy is their bread and butter to diffuse via media propaganda.

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