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(Video) The Post Aurora 'Rampage' Few Have Heard About

(Video) The Post Aurora 'Rampage' Few Have Heard About

July 22, 2012
Posted by William Grigg on July 22, 2012 10:20 AM

One day after a lethal shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado left twelve people dead and scores injured, another eruption of criminal violence left one dead and several others injured in Anaheim, California. The perpetrators of the second assault were officers from the Anaheim Police Department, who used "non-lethal" rounds — such as rubber bullets, which are reliably lethal at close range — to disperse a spontaneous protest that coalesced after the "officer-involved shooting" of a young man in the neighborhood.

Cell phone video of the police assault shows a wall of officers in riot gear directing "non-lethal" fire at a group of unarmed and terrified civilians — including several small children, who were shielded by a man who appeared to be their father. Another officer unleashed a police dog, which immediately attacked a stroller containing an infant. A bystander who interposed himself — and was mauled by the dog for doing so — probably saved the child's life.

Those acts, in which private citizens protected the innocent from criminal violence at the hands of the State's armed servants, were just as heroic as those of the three men in Aurora who died protecting their girlfriends during the shooting rampage.




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ecorob's picture

i got an idea...

lets provide these anaheim "cops" with a free screening to the dark knight

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

of course you didnt hear about it . .

that wouldn't play to the story line of cops and authority figures/military "keeping us safe".

Hey all you freaking morons, keep voting for more cops and police "equipment" so they can "protect" you from bad guys.
Anyone waking up yet??

Jackson County Georgia

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I read about

the Anaheim shooting at cornerstorenews.com this morning