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Military Cargo Jet C-17 Lands at Wrong Airport. Check the video out!

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CIA Special Delivery from Columbia ?

What did they unload ? mistake...hmmm. maybe not.


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Maybe the pilot...

got "altitude sickness" by getting to "high".

They were sizing up the runway

to make sure they can get the Rominee out of Tampa after the convention... ;)

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A flight sim fanatic such as myself

knows that a C17 is designed to take off and land on very short runways. But thanks for the video.

I loved this comment in the comment section.

"Air Force officials are trying to figure out why an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III cargo jet heading to MacDill Air Force Base instead landed at Peter O. Knight Airport this afternoon."

Why don't they just ask the pilot? It seems simple enough to me.

Ha ha

If it had been a commercial pilot, I'd say he had too much to drink!

Overview picture of the two Airports showing size of

runways. The Runways do line up and I wonder who was sleeping on the job. I do have to confess I landed on the wrong runway which was shaped like a V.


I was able to see this jet land at Oshkosh and it is designed for short field take offs.

He had six-feet to spare!

What is everybody so upset about? At least the pilot was in the right state.

He would have lost the bet if he left the runway.

Probably ruined a set of tires, full thrust reverses is like backing up and forcing the automatic transmission from reverse into drive without stopping. It can be done a few times.

How many millions will be spent on this stunt?

Free includes debt-free!