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CointelPro Online Tactics and Govt Snooping. Does it concern you? Are you doing anything about it?

Is there any concern among DP members that the websites they visit may be monitored in some capacity by Government Agencies?

What do you think is the likelihood that Government Trolls are operating on websites you frequent?

An NSA whistleblower recently revealed that virtually every US citizen has a dossier at the NSA. Though I imagine such a dossier would be a fairly mundane and unorganized collection of financial and credit data it will only get more detailed, intrusive, and sophisticated. Could, for example, past Ron Paul campaign contributions on the credit card be someday used to identify citizens as political enemies?

It is my personal view that the Government is falling behind the technology curve; but to make personal privacy decisions on this assumption is to give the Government a large tactical advantage in its monitoring activity.

Since reading this post on a Survival Blog regarding FBI monitoring, I've avoided even visiting this website without an encrypted VPN connection. I've also set up e-mail encryption with my ThunderBird client. It was pretty easy - it's actually harder to convince friends and family to set it up so I can actually use it!

What do DP members think? Does the state of digital surveillance concern you? What do you think the Government's capabilities are at this point in time?

Consider, if you haven't already, some of the following below.

1)Via Cryptome

A Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies

Know your Government Troll. Many tactics have been identified and discussed here before. But some I think will be new for many. Worth understanding these tactics in explicit detail, IMO.

2) The NSA is building its huge data center in Utah in an attempt to organize and analyze the massive amounts of digital data it siphons and stores every day. They have intercept ability but not analysis ability, that's what this data center is for.

3) The FBI is in fear of 'going dark' and is pushing Congress to mandate backdoors for monitoring. Microsoft seems to be a pioneer in complying with the new Surveillance State, patenting backdoor technology for Skype. Skype is mute on this development.

The heart of my post is to encourage everyone to encrypt as much digital data as they can. I'm just learning but I've set up e-mail and all web traffic. Even if encryption keys can be broken by sophisticated government agencies, the more common traffic is encrypted the harder it will be to conduct surveillance on innocent citizens in violation of their rights.

In that regard, I'm also curious if anyone with an Android phone has any experience with RedPhone for voice encryption?

Would be interested to hear the opinions of other DPers regarding the state's capacity for surveillance and what, if any, actions they take to mitigate digital dragnet surveillance efforts. If you do encrypt, what tools do you use? Are you pleased with them?


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How very sad and paranoid of our government to feel

the need to spy on it's citizens. Yet with all of their spying, the nut case in CO was able to amass an arsenal of weapons and body armor. So what is their interest then? What is the point of collecting data if they are not going to use it to protect citizens? Sheesh.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Don't use Skype use Jitsi


Call encryption with SRTP and ZRTP



The NSA probably has a

The NSA probably has a quantum computer, which can break all your factoring based encryption. Your 1024 bit encryption might make it a little bit more difficult them, but the only true solution will be for you to get your own quantum computer, or get them to properly respect and enforce the fourth amendment of the supreme law of the land.

First of all

We are SPEAKING OUR FREE SPEECH, WE ARE NOT THREATENING ANYBODY, WE DO NOT PROMOTE VIOLENCE, ONLY PEACE, THEY HAVE NOTHING AGAINST US, And yes they do watch us, I believe they will gather info on everybody whether to us it against us or not anyways, the government doesn't trust the citizens, But I recently saw a bunch of internet leaders from firefox, yahoo, and others say they were going to make backups for the internet or servers or something like that for the citizens due to the increasingly disturbing laws like cispa, sopa, and others. They really hate that we have the internet to use to spread info, but it may be too late to do anything about it, too much people know waaay to much now, our situation is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Tyranny and Liberty are about to collide very hard, and only one is going to win, which is us