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I uploaded a song today that is dedicated to and was inspired by Dr. Paul and the r3VOLution

You all have turned my life around in so many ways.

Here are the lyrics and a link. It's free to listen to or download. There's also one called OH, DRONE and one called REVOLUTION.


Wond3rland by the 14 quadrants

Begin with what you have 
What you can lose 
Who can take that? 
Does he have a name?

Some things are better left to fate 
Some things can't be changed 
Some people want to own 
Everything you give a name

Do you know someone who's lost everything? 
I bet you do 
Do you know someone who was 
I bet you do 
These things keep happening 
Someone makes them true 
Is it me? 
Is it you?

In a place called America 
Where all your fears 
Are painted over the sky

Why do we fight these wars? 
Let the rich steal from the poor? 
Why do you suffer? 
These aren't just questions anymore

No one wants to fight 
So we turn out the light 
And hope our fears are dreams 
Our dreams are real 
Our lives are what we're hoping for

When you look around 
Do you see what they're telling you? 
When you listen to your heart 
Do you hear a different tune? 
Does your life belong to you? 
Can you afford to believe in the truth?

I believe that I am free
No one can take that away from me
I believe that I am here to protect those here with me
I believe that we are here to be free
Do you agree?
Can you see...

This could be 
A wond3rful 
Future for America


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Thanks! Homemade, I wrote,

Thanks! Homemade, I wrote, played and engineered everything, except a friend of mine mastered it. Hopefully, someday I will sound as good as the Smashing Pumpkins!!! <3

"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."

Thank you for using real instruments

But the vocals need more level, its really difficult to hear the singing.

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Nice sound with the lyrics