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I will never back down from Liberty

Well folks, I am one to never shrink from controversy. Today at work we were discussing the Aurora shooting. I learned some disturbing things the 'common man' believes. This argument took place with a coworker I will call Steve.

First, he believes that the police can arrest you for voicing your opinion if it is contrary to what everyone is saying. I said that James Holmes should stand trial after the man said that they should kill him on the spot. I disagreed stating that the rule of law should be obeyed even if a person is prima fascia guilty. This caused an intense argument over the justice system. I pointed out his party the Democrats field most of the defense lawyers out there for civil rights cases. He got even angrier even though I was trying to appeal to his loyalty to the Democratic Party. He said that merely saying that to a police officer was arrest worthy.

Second, the discussion moved to banning all firearms. I brought up that if people were armed in the theatre this would never of happened or turned out the way it did. His response was that the entire US would turn into the OK Corral. I countered that the 'Wild West' was actually a pretty boring era, and that the only large scale violence that occurred was against corrupt Sheriffs. I said that the owner of a firearm should be responsible for his own gun and training. You only pull the trigger if the threat level elevates lest you get tried for manslaughter. I said that is how defending yourself used to work out. Now, you go to jail for defending yourself even if you use symmetrical force.

I also made numerous references to North Korea and the Soviet Union.

In the end, we agreed to disagree.