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An email from Kirby Wilbur, WA State GOP Chair, interpreted

Well here we go:(annotations in parentheses)

An email from Kirby Wilbur, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, disseminated tonight to certain persons in WA state:

From: Kirby Wilbur
Subject: See attached

As some of you may have heard, the WSRP allowed KCGOP to use our postage permit to mail out a piece asking folks to vote for certain PCO candidates. (Illegal and unethical, maybe even fraudulent) I would like to explain my decision to allow this, as some people may be upset. Check the attachments after you read this email, please. (Attachments included both sides of a post card paid by independent supporters not associated with a candidate or a campaign requesting their vote for a PCO candidate).

I will apologize for one thing, and that is, I misunderstood the process (You mean no one in that organization understood the process?). I believed that KCGOP could legally reimburse us for the expense. (You mean they cannot?) In fact, I assumed (Ugh, you know what that means!) every candidate and group and person who we allowed to use our permit could pay us back. (And they can not make a donation in kind?) This is one asset which we alone have and can help Republicans (Just not non-Establishment liberty-loving Republicans!) save a lot of money on postage. I assumed wrong, and WSRP money should not have been used for this (Can I get my donations back now?).

However, I will not apologize for defending our party, which was the intent here. (Wrong again Kirby, you and Lori Sotelo were playing offense!) Attached, is a copy of a mailer put out by , well, your guess is as good as mine. (The difference is your mailer arrived prior to July 18th, while the mailer mentioned did not arrive until July 20th).The following points:

1.) The group claims to be “independents reforming the Republican Party”“ (Does not claim to be a group but independent supporters and also not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee)

2.) It asks non-Republicans to vote for the Republican PCO candidate named on the piece (Wrong! Here is the text: Every precinct has both a Democratic and Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). By voting for a Republican candidate, you are not indicating your support for the Republican party. Your vote is private and will not be matched to your name or shared.)

3.) It has both a donkey and an elephant (Wow! Is he out of touch the donkey is a Blue Republican donkey!)

4.) It urges the recipient to “ Vote to end the wars “ (The Republican Party Platform in 2008 specifically discusses protecting the national security, promoting peace through strength and adhering to the rule of law...i.e. Constitutional Wars and that “the waging of war-and the achieving of peace-should never be micromanaged in a party platform...)

5.) It calls for a “ non-interventionist foreign policy “ (So did General Washington)

6.) The postal permit is from Tampa, Florida (Hmmm, sent by Marco Rubio or Allen West or maybe Alan Grayson?)

Doesn’t sound like the RNC or the Romney campaign. Who could it be?????? (Gingrich???)

I am the chairman of this party and have a responsibility to defend it. (Ugh...You went on the offense mailing your cards out even before the ballots were mailed, and you give access to voter vault, walking lists and phone lists only to the Republicans you like!) I will do that. I believe the hard-working PCO’s of King County, the backbone of our party, are the target of a campaign paid for by undisclosed sources. I intended to level the playing field (no you did not, you pre-emptively sent out mailers to promote the Establishment PCO candidates in contested precincts), and I will not hide from the public as these people do – though I think most of you know who they are. (What are you trying to say here Kirby with your insinuations? What part of independent supporters don’t you understand?)

I will reemphasize that there are many good people with the Ron Paul campaign who do want to work within the party and I welcome them. (But I will not give them any resources to help them get elected PCO but I will gladly take there money!) Any group or member of a group (OK, for the third time independent supporters not a group) that includes people who send out secret mailings (If they are secret how did you find out about them, and if they were secret would they have used a post card?) with undisclosed sources (Huh?), asking independents (Voters) to vote in a Republican (an election) election and that won’t identify itself as Republican, they are not welcome here.

So far, the only report of this mailing comes from King County (The question that begs for an answer is how many counties did you unethically and illegally send post cards to?). You all might want to double check and see what these ‘ independent reformers ‘ (Independent supporters for reforming the Republican party -not quite the same thing) are doing in your backyard. They are playing to take control of our party. Not on my watch (What he is really saying is "My tent is filled with fearful, small-minded power-hungry Neo-Cons that never learned how to play by the rules only to bend them to their advantage").

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This man is out of touch.

So he blames the Ron Paul backers? Can we ask him to resign now. This did happen on his watch and he is to be held responsible.

Freedom Lovers Unite : to bring in our last chance for what was a great country back again into the hands of the people.