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Why dont they bring our troops home? (reason provided)

I beleive I do know the answer to this question but I have never heard anyone talk about this before. The real reason they dont bring our troops home is that when the time comes for a revolution they wont be here to help the citizens of this country take it back. If the troops are spread out over the globe it is impossible for them be here to protect us from the enemies within. This is all part of the design of the total takeover of power by the elites. It is all part of the master plan.

When the time comes they will use Russian and/or Chineese mercenaries which they will train for riots.

Looks like we "will/are being fooled again"

Good luck to all,


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Also Consider

That I just watched a video of General Petraeus talking about how we can not leave Afghanistan because there is "Trillions with an "S" in minerals and resources. That if everything works out like they want. That area of the world is going to become the new Silk road of Trade and commerce. Make no mistake that if the establishment has its way. We will continue to wage perpetual was in country and out..

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don't know--


But it makes sense--

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