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While Ron Paul Supporters Sued RNC for Backing Romney Early, RP Campaign Gave RNC Green Light

USA TODAY wrote an article this weekend about how welcoming the RNC has been to the Ron Paul campaign in their preparations for the Tampa convention. While it was amusing reading about how “helpful” the RNC has been to Ron Paul, down at the bottom of the article there’s an interesting quote that reads “In April, when the RNC wanted to start a joint fundraising operation with the Romney campaign following former senator Rick Santorum’s exit from the race, they made sure to touch base with Paul’s staff. Benton said at the time that the congressman gave his ‘blessing to begin assembling the Victory organization Republicans will require to guarantee a win in the fall.”

This would mean that while Ron Paul delegates & supporters were filing lawsuits against (cont.)


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It seems you're talking about

It seems you're talking about a long term plan that would take 10-20 years for fruition. Essentially, RP people becoming "the establishment". Frankyl, we don't have that kind of time, and need to focus on the here and now.

We were allowed "5 states" because the GOP is trying to patronize "those ron paul guys", they could very well just create a shadow party and nominate that slate of delegates if they wanted, sort of like what happened in MA. Our best bet would be to focus all efforts in Tampa in hopes of converting Romney delegates.

We have 6 States; if those delegate follow through;

to put Ron Paul's name on the ballot at the convention. We still have a month for legal action on binding of delegates (and any other suits you feel like funding/heading), and prove that Ron Paul can beat Obama, and that Romney is taking the chances of a Republican victory down to nothing.

I don't know why the campaign did what they did. I know Ron Paul has said he wants to be able to give his speech at the convention. Putting his name in nomination does that. 15 minutes. More than most people saw Ron Paul speak the entire election.

Think about that. We saw a lot of Ron Paul, most people got those 90 seconds during that one Debate...

That's what they have based their decisions on. The other candidates got more face time, were more "real" per say.

Either rate; what I do know is what Ron Paul campaign (or lack there of) has done is gotten the "Liberty Movement" to actually fend for themselves politically. Isn't that the point? Isn't that really what needs to be done?

Don't we need to use the Justice system directly. Don't we need to build resources and campaigns? Websites? Don't we need to organize?

I barely worked with the actual Campaign during this election, yet campaigned for Ron Paul for 7 months cross-country. I worked with dozens of activists that were not part of the official campaign.

The official campaign ran some ads (I saw one in Iowa on TV), made sure Ron Paul was places, and paid Benton a lot. So what?

What the grassroots did was create THIS WEBSITE!, the Super Brochure, signs, banners, we canvased, organized meeting, ran events, tabled. The grassroots spoke to foreign media (RT seems foreign...). The grassroots took over the Nevada Republican Party BEFORE the election. We now run Iowa and Maine as well. Other states will soon follow. Especially after this election, we will start to see the grassroots shine because now they will all have to focus on smaller projects and achievable goals; like city council majorities, party leadership positions, successful Primary victories in State-wide offices, etc.

Then think about the grassroots members that are going Libertarian, or back to Democrat, or Green (or non-political): http://freeindependentsun.com/natural_law/friends-of-freedom...

This "we don't have 8 years" is not so. We have to have 8 years. I agree we push hard to still win this; but WE have to do it:


I would try to remind people who were volunteering on the campaign, especially after Florida (in Florida); that we were trying to election a President. The highest office. And we are feeling defeated because we aren't "winning."

Elections are important. Getting the "status-quo" out of office is important. And yes, we must do so as quickly as possible. So...see you on the battlefield?

Jack Wagner

Yes, see you there. I just

Yes, see you there.

I just think it would be a lot easier if the entire system collapsed or if we somehow got RP the presidency (either or). Maybe that is what's best for us--a severe market and societal correction. The worst thing that could happen would be this entire fiasco dragging out over another 50 years.

Yup - Paul supporting Romney while asking for donations.

Or rather his crony establishment that rp supporters love so much bec they are of establishment.

I wonder how much Paul is aware of this???? I am not sure you can assume that Paul knows of all these things that his staff does in public and behind the scenes. But as long as rp supportes don't care of such behavior towards Paul, some sort of movement or not can go on.


We are the establishment

and you're not.

We are winning

You never will.

That's fine

You stick to being established, you keep winning. Just remember why we're all really here. Ron Paul is the solution to a problem that is growing fast and becoming more noticeable daily. It's also been acknowledged in this community, that Romney is identical to Obama, besides a few talking points and styles of publicly leading.

So fine, if you want to contribute to the PROBLEM. That is fine. Personally, I don't think we can last another 4 years of this regardless, so for me it's Ron Paul or SHTF. I do not want to be rude, but I would much rather stick to the message and support Ron Paul's ideas then jump on the Romney band wagon. We can and will become more relevant as more agree with us within the party.

You have become the

You have become the problem...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

That's right - RP supporters like you are infact establishment.

and indeed at this time obamaney is winning, which means romney-paul supporters like you are indeed winning, and ron paul individually is not winning - just the way some of you rp supporters like it.

but eventual winnings for anti-estab is not out of the question.