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Interested In Austrian Economics? Spend A Week At Virtual Mises University!

It’s been hard to avoid sombering news the past few days, between the strange and brutal shooting in Aurora and weekend violence perpetrated upon protestors by police in Anaheim. While one of these events will likely receive much more media coverage than the other, surely heated debate about gun control and violence in our society will be heated. We’ll discuss the issue of violence here later in the week, but it’s important to keep perspective and remember this: nobody is going to win any friends or change anyone’s minds without the ability to craft logical and persuasive arguments, no matter what the subject.

The first step in honing this ability is to arm yourself with knowledge, and one of the most valuable resources for those interested in the ideas of liberty is the Mises Academy, which this week is holding it’s yearly Mises University, a week long series of lectures and seminars for Austrian Economics. And this year, access to this event is easier than ever with Virtual Mises University online. For only $20 you have access to the entire week’s events with some of the brightest minds in the Austrian school of thought, including such greats as Robert Murphy, Joe Salerno, Walter Block and many others.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Marc, we haven’t even finished our 30 Day Libertarian Reading List yet, and now you want us to spend a week listening to economics lectures?” Well that’s the wonderful thing about Virtual Mises University. All of the lectures will be recorded and available long after the actual event takes place. And no, I don’t secretly work for the Mises Institute. The only kickback I hope to receive by pushing our readers towards resources such as the Mises Academy and Liberty Classroom is to have better armed allies for the libertarian intellectual revolution. And the allies are diverse; just browsing the discussion forums I see people attending from all over the world – El Salvador, India, Australia amongst others.

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And the lectures are for free on Itunes. Can't beat Free Trade or Free Lectures.


Time to dust off the old ipod and make my drive to work much more educational.

I didn't realize

Until I already paid that they were free on itunes. But the actual video lectures are nice to watch and the money goes to the amazing LvMI. Now that I've listened to a few I can say these lectures are invaluable. If you don't wanna dish out the $20, at least download the free lectures on itunes!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

ITUNES - Holy Crap!

I had no idea these were available on iTunes... time to start multi tasking in the name of liberty!