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55 Percent Of Americans Believe That The Government Will Take Care Of Them If Disaster Strikes

55 Percent Of Americans Believe That The Government Will Take Care Of Them If Disaster Strikes

If a major emergency happened in the United States, do you have faith that the government would take care of you? Amazingly, even after all of the examples to the contrary that we have seen in recent years, a solid majority of all Americans actually believe that the government will be there for them when things hit the fan. According to a new survey conducted by the Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation, 55 percent of Americans believe that the authorities will come to their rescue when disaster strikes. Sadly, most Americans still view the government as a "nanny state" that has both the capability and the willingness to take care of them from the cradle to the grave. Most Americans still have faith that the government will come through for them when they need it the most. But all we have to do is look back at what happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to realize what a crock of baloney that is. Hurricane Katrina was a disaster that was limited to a relatively small geographic area, and yet we all saw how the response of the federal government was a complete and utter failure. So what is going to happen someday if there is a nationwide disaster that stretches on for months or even years? Do you really believe that the federal government will be there for you?

How is the federal government going to take care of more than 300 million Americans in the event of a major financial collapse?

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Well since Roosevelt turned

Well since Roosevelt turned the United States into a socialist country people have looked more and more at the government as a sort of surrogate god who will take care of them so yea, I imagine the American people are going to be in for a rude awakening soon.

45 percent ready to not depend on government handouts

is a pretty large number. Im willing to not share my food with the greedy, give me because im too stupid to stock up and expect the government to take care of me people.

Survival of the fittest, yall can disagree with me if you want, but me and my family come first, i aint helping anyone but them during a nation crisis.

45% of us can survive and rebuild with strong working people that wont rely on government nanny state, or free handouts. Thats almost 157million people, who were prepared, will have things to trade with eachother and help eachother out as society evens back out.

Remember the story of the grasshopper and ant

The ant warned the grasshopper to prepare for the cold cruel winter...