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The TSA ain't all bad.

So I'm getting ready to go through checkpoint
Charley at the Milwaukee airport while wearing
My Ron Paul 2012 T shirt. After opting out
Of the body scanner my TSA date looks at
My shirt and says "Boy I wish he would win"
Then proceeds to tell me all the good things
We already know about the Good Doctor and
States that without him this country is doomed
All the while he is giving me my pat down.
It was like getting a "Happy Ending" after
Being felt up and down.
Mmmmm cheers to at least one TSA agent!

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Before you say something

Before you say something stupid to Nui check out his channel;

Nui can turn people to Ron Paul without saying a word.

So if you want to mess with Nui...
You have to mess with me.
And you ain't gonna' like it.

Thanks Barracuda!

for watching my back.

Way to capitulate. You made RP look like a coward.

Way to capitulate. Next time you want to enjoy your rights being violated wear a Obama or Bush t-shirt. Don't make us look bad.

This is why America is in the shape it is in. You love to trade freedom for convenience. You love stand by and watch others have their rights violated. TSA would have been stop if people would stood up against it.

Stop funding their tyranny. Stop using their airports. Stop funding the banksters, move you money to credit unions, cancel you credit cards. I know, I know it is too inconvenient. Well, Freedom is not convenient. You deserve neither freedom or security.

Ah do what?

Dude, I have to use "their" airports for
My work and rather than going through
The body scanner I choose to be felt up.
I don't think it's right but if they are going
To get close and personal I want them
To be exposed to as much Ron Paul as possible

No one said freedom is easy

Fly private, take a bus, take a train, drive, or better yet get a job that does not support tyranny.


And the armchair quarterback throws the Hail Mary!!!

Eric Hoffer


That just ain't going to cut it.
Thanks for the advice though.

If you can't doesn't stand up for freedom now

while it is easy, how will you stand will it really cost you something?

And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Liberty isn't free.

Jefferson's picture

"If you can't doesn't stand up for freedom"

If one "can't doesn't" understand that the poster has a specific job that requires them to travel great distances in a short amount of time under strict production deadlines, and then make asinine ignorant comments about them needing to take the bus or wear a burlap robe, then one might rethink their idiotic statements.

The person you are responding to has given more time, money, and energy toward this campaign than you have probably mustered in a decade.
(see I can make ignorant assumptions too)
They ALREADY take a risk with their professional career doing what they've done for RP. I know this because I know them personally.

"Liberty isn't free"

Neither is a house, cars, bills, food, taxes, and everything else it takes to survive in this world without having some sheriff throw you and your belongings out onto the yard..

Maybe the poster should just go live in a tent with a big sign on it that says "liberty isn't free, donations appreciated." Yeah, that would show them.

You have to pick your battles in this fight. Some people are content with confronting border patrol employees, or being assholes to every cop they run across, and some work in a more stealth fashion and make it much farther to the goal than the ones that mindlessly sacrifice themselves in the "first wave."

Think about that next time you pop off with your keyboard career advice.

"Just following orders" we have heard that before.

Strawman arguments don't cut it. Either stand for liberty or not but don't claim liberty then capitulate to tyranny because you have a house and car payment to make. You are not the only one with expenses to pay, but lovers of liberty choose to do what is right regardless of the cost. We do not just follow orders so we can have a paycheck and have benefits like credit cards. And we do it even for those who are yellow so that one day when we win they will no longer have to cower.


As the subject says.

Eric Hoffer

Stockholm Syndrome in the


Are you still dating?

Wonder if she/he says the same thing to the Obama/Romney buttoned, shirted, stickered, or hat wearers.

Just curious.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

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Good idea to continue!

This is a good idea to continue; wear Ron Paul logo whenever going through a TSA checkpoint. That "may" help with turning down any potentially aggressive TSA behaviors toward us. We could claim harassment if not treated well because we are Ron Paul supporters.
This maybe a short-term remedy with the long-term fix being getting rid of the entire TSA.

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Executioners ain't all bad either.

They'll be sayin the same thing while they place the noose around your neck, just doin their job.

Undo what Wilson did

TSA agents

are people too. Gotta make a living I guess. Anyway, nice story.

Yup Gota make a living.....

He was telling me the pay starts at 14 K
A year and that they are having trouble
Hiring qualified applicants. One of the qualifications
Is you can't have more than 3 k of debt!

That is quite interesting.

I knew the job ads were on pizza boxes but did not know the criteria that one must be in debt. I often wonder why anyone would choose such a job...such an incentive makes sense...perhaps the debt is wiped clean.

Create the problem, create the solution.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


I read this differently, from the poster it says one of the qualifications is you can't have more than 3k in debt.

Did I read that wrong? I read it as if you have too much debt they won't hire you.

Eric Hoffer

You read it right....

Can not have more than 3K of debt according
To the Dude That "handled" me.

pay has gone down

When i joined my pay started at 33k, w/ bonuses though i made well over 75k by the end of my first year. Night/sunday pay + 15000 bonus at year end for exemplary performance.

Government takes care of you man, but when you learn your pay comes directly from the people that hate you, and when you start seeing more of whats going on, it isnt worth it to sell out for money.

In contrast

First officers at the regional airline where I work, who often have spent years in training and have over $100,000 in student loans when finished, and who are taking on the responsibility of 50 lives and a 17 million dollar airplane, make about $23,000 first year with no pension, bonuses, etc. What is wrong with this picture?