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Mic Check. Testing. One two, one two.

New features rolling out on the DP soon.

Mic check. One, two one two. This is just a test


Is anyone experiencing anything unusual? If so, do tell.


Michael (this is my test account) Nystrom

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Like the word cloud

By the way. Would be interesting to take snapshots of word clouds every week or so to allow people to revisit what was being discussed on a timeline or search for key words and find the discussion pertaining. Wonder if anything like that has ever been tried.

I noticed this problem:

LOL... Troy

~Hugs to you~



Works fine for me, nothing strange.


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Everything running ok?

Anyone notice anything unusual?

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Hello Nasty

Hello Nasty. Probably my favorite Beastie Boys alum.

Suddenly I feel really sad about MCA. I barely paused when the news came out that he died. Too focused on other things at the time.

This one is for MCA.