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Interesting Conversation with the RNC today July 23

Called the RNC. Was iin a conversation with the volunteer on the phone. Told him I will still be voting for Ron Paul. He asked why I can't consider Romney. I told him Romney stands for nothing and Romney and RNC rigged the election.

He said that can't be as delegates are picked at the state level. I told him we have watched the corruption at all levels and it is all documented with videos and attestations.

Then he said, "come to Tampa-- That's when when the real nomination will happen." I said RNC has already selected a man who stands for nothing. He said, [again] "You might be surprised. Come to Tampa to the convention. I will pass on your message to the chairman."


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Interesting conversation

My guess is that the RNC is disgusted with the way many of the state conventions were run. With You Tube, these shenanigans can no longer be ignored. Louisiana is a good example and keep in mind that the LA debacle was orchestrated by Santorum supporters.

Now that the Gilbert lawsuit has forced the RNC to read the affidavits of our delegates, they must be realizing the level of corruption in the party is undermining the chances of any major election successes this year. It's a pretty exhausting list of abuse and cheating and people are PO'd.

Maybe there is a growing awareness in the leadership of the GOP that Ron Paul and his supporters really are the key to any significant victories this cycle. Perhaps there is a growing realization in the chairman's circle that Romney is not the guy and Ron Paul is. Of course this would all be on the QT until the convention.

I haven't given up hope of a miracle and I know you haven't either. Thanks for the encouraging post!