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Paul vs. Obama Poll ChipIn Progress Report Day Three

The Paul vs. Obama Poll ChipIn, as of this hour, has 22 contriburtors, for $612. This is 24% of our 1 August goal of $2500 to fund our first national political poll - to be published on 11 August.
And, in support, the Paul vs. Obama post on the DailyPaul.com has 36 comments and 53 "up" votes.

Thanks to all the early supporters and especially to the "commenters" on the Daily Paul. One comment sums up our project with the spirit it takes to win:

From a DailyPaul Forum comment on the Paul vs. Obama Poll, by Ben Russell:

"I can feel that this is the moment. You want to convert Romney delegates? Show them this poll. You want to make a splash in the MSM? Send them this poll. It has always been about the grassroots...are we going to let up now? We can't afford to pull any punches! Do we want Ron Paul as our president or not? I know I do, and I can picture the RNC Convention, with PRESIDENT PAUL ringing out for all to hear!

The world is watching...what's 7500 dollars? We need to show it that WE CAN and WILL do what it takes for liberty. GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH.

Please visit the original post and read some great comments... James

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