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And ANOTHER Executive Order

Charcoal in Somalia. Going to war over a resource that we could make ourselves by burning wood.


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What is wrong about this? Everything!

To "help" Somalia fight corruption and violence, their charcoal industry is being put out of business.

The world's largest producer of opium is Afghanistan. I guess that industry is totally legit, and we aren't doing a thing to stop that. In fact, our soldiers guard the poppies for the locals.

Some great thinking is NOT going on here!

National Emergency! (In Somalia, related to coal)

I have a good idea. How about we first try to find some solutions to emergencies that exist here at home. I could make a list, but here's one that comes to mind: The Pine Ridge Reservation.


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So much for my Somali Charcoal business...

...but it was probably doomed anyways.

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Legal gobldeygook

What a joke. Written by a team of lawyers over something we have no business in, and carrying the full weight and force of law.

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