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When I asked them who counts the votes, they called security: My visit to Balderton Capital (Scytl-SOE)

This is the interaction I had with Balderton Capital and Tim Bunting, former (and/or current) Goldman Sachs VP. I had called Bunting earlier, telling him I wanted an appointment. Meeting resistance, he requested an email, which I sent. However, at the end of the conversation, still, I told him I would likely stop by. His secretary said he had a window between 3:00 and 3:30.

There was one objective in mind. This was to raise the issue of transparency in the vote counts: how and where are our U.S. presidential primary votes counted.

At 2:45 p.m. London time myself and my camera-person took a cab to the Balderton offices on 20 Balderton St, London, filming the approach. The façade of the building was filmed, as was the entry all the way up to the 4th floor. I was filmed going into the offices, asking the receptionist to see Mr. Bunting, mentioning that I had told him I would be over during his break. She said, “Yes, sure.”

Bunting finally came out, saying “the American” is here. Belligerently, he said, “I’m not meeting with you.” Then, when he saw the camera he barged towards us, getting nearly right in our faces, saying, essentially, “What are you doing here; you have to have an appointment.” I told him that I mentioned I was coming over during his break and that he responded positively and that I had already cleared the time with both him and his receptionist.

As he was raising up towards us with even more intimidating postures, I reminded him, “When I called you earlier at first you said you knew nothing about Scytl-SOE, and then when I asked you again in the same conversation you finally admitted you knew all about it. I have every reason to be here, and it is about transparency. So, the question is, where are our votes counted? Are they counted in UK, Spain, London, American: where? The American people have the right to know.”

“I’m not answering that,” Bunting then said, upon which he protested, saying, “You need to get out of here, I’m calling security.” He also said, incredibly, “You broke into our offices,” which, of course, I summarily denied, telling him, “We went up to the door, rung the bell, and the receptionist buzzed us in.” He kept saying, repeatedly, “If you want any answers to questions, you have to make an appointment. I’m not answering questions.”

Then, he bolted out, leaving me sitting there in the waiting room.

Thus, we got up and left.

All of this is on camera except, unfortunately, the most revealing part, which was the interaction with Goldman Sach’s Bunting, as his charge towards the camera-person led somehow to the camera being turned off. However, it remains vividly in our minds. Moreover, clearly, the man behaved like a thug, especially with his false and bold claim of breaking and entering. A recap of what happened in the receptionist lounge was also immediately put to tape. Within a week it will, God willing, be uploaded.

Regardless, all I can say is if these are the kinds of people entrusted with running our world, I’m not impressed. The only conclusion that can be made is that they are running it into the ground.

More, later on this, as I have had a long interaction with Scytl-SOE in attempting to get to the bottom of this rigging operation. Expect the video in a week, which could surely be used as evidence for the fraudulent nature of the Scytl-SOE system, with its suspect connection to the executives at the Romney-supporting Goldman Sachs.

Perhaps Mr. Gilbert is right when he calls the people behind the Romney presidency, which is bound tightly with Goldman Sachs, a "crime syndicate." That is precisely the impression I got after this encounter.

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great sleuthing!