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Romney is vile.

He (Romney}espouses all things that are vile. This prick talks about the second amendment and claims to believe the second amendment rights. He is the filth and lies that perpetrate the mesmerized truther that the majority of sick f**ckers chose to believe. I am sad, and sick, and pissed off , and ready to fight this ruse that has been perpetrated upon the sheep that we call America. F- Romney and his filthy bastards, let us expose these lies.

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Come liberty lovers, and join our campaign of hate!

What a novel idea...I'm sure it'll do the trick.

Undo what Wilson did

And Ron Paul just can't

And Ron Paul just can't decide if he wants to vote for this vile bitch, or not, apparently he is undecided on this question unlike most in the liberty movement who already know the obvious answer to this question. Some message this leader of the movement is giving to Americans. Actually considering voting for a terrorist like this for president.

Anger won't get you far

Best thing to do is take action in any way you can, we can dwell on these ppl and say how much we hate them, but will that honestly make our lives any freer, or better, We all feel your anger, that's why we are learning to control our emotions and get things done, look at Ron Paul, so many have put him down, criticize him, and attacked him, now he's going to Tampa

Let that which truly doesn't matter slide

RP 2012!

But hating Romney...

feels so right. We the people cry out with rage as it can make a difference. We need to cry out and stand up to Obama and Romney as they are vile individuals.
You may espouse your rhetoric about being moderate but how did moderates ever break away from England in 1776? We are in a much greater conundrum than we were in 1776, We have to rise up. We have to cherish freedom. We have to take control.
Are you and others ready.
Are we a nation of freedom lovers or are we sheep.

Give me Liberty or give me death

We can still achieve this peacefully, But let them come to you, let the feds illegally invade people's homes to get their guns, Let them in every circumstance start the fight, defenders always win, don't let your emotions take over, Yes Voice your rage,"Voice", but because they are looking for people to blame and say the whole movement is dangerous, they are desperate to use something against us, let them fire the first shot, If Ron Paul lets his justified anger on the establishment and start calling out the big shots in the beginning, no one would have taken him serious, now he has gotten so far that he's going to be president of the US, it's like those guys who already are saying lets vote GJ, they havent even let this play out, if we had said let's vote GJ at the start and not RP, we never would have known how far we've gotten, and remember the militia are still around and alive!, you just don't see em