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Should Politicians, Presidents be scanned for Psychopathy before elections?

Just look at the comments lolol!, last year I watched this, there were few to none comments like it, Now look at where people's opinions are leading to, when you put destructive individuals to take care of monetary, admin, political, health, and military departments, it doesn't matter!, you will get destructive results in many forms as we see today


I bet the founding fathers knew about these folk but couldn't quite put their finger as to why they are like this

When Ron Paul becomes president they SHOULD PASS THIS, Instead of just blaming and labelling people with it, using some sort of device can help countries have leaders with sound conscience, even police, fire, health departments utilize scanners like these, It's a very smart step, and best of all it keeps people who are reckless like this out of power

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more govt

That sounds great, a new bureaucracy for purity testing. Once it passes we'll have no trouble pushing bills right through that require blonde hair, blue eyes, and genes corresponding to love of a welfare state and global government. The impure ones with undesirable genes won't be allowed to participate in public society, but their every need will be provided such as regular meals and spraying out their cages.

Were not here to arrive with conclusions that fast

I know its dangerous, but I want to hear people's different ideas and thoughts, no one is zealously agreeing


I'm surprised at all of you who advocate giving the mindjobbers and the medical industry even more power. These people with there psychoanalyzing self righteous religion want to control your life and you go right along with it and never consider the end consequences just because someone suggests politicians should submit. Very short sighted indeed people.

It's like some people just never get it through their thick skulls how they are made slaves and subservient to the tin gods that come up with this crap. Like lambs for the slaughter.

Its just a discussion

don't get your balls in an uproar

No uproar

I just want to make sure you guys realize that this very tactic has been used over and over to enslave us. It does get disheartening when it seems that this isn't well known by us "enlightened" supporters of liberty. I'm sorry if I sounded offensive.

Or maybe it's because I just was talking to my neighbor and he went into the "They shouldn't even allow people to have those guns (AR-15s). It's the mentality that "someone else" or "they" should loose a right because it makes him feel better. But he never considers that it is a right lost by all.

And further more, it is the idea of PREVENTION that kills freedom. Think about it. And that is what these tin gods think they will do, prevent this or prevent that. Vaccines, war on drugs, truancy laws, bank bailouts etc... Or a direct example is that they gave my uncle a blood thinner to prevent heart problems but the thinner eroded a vein in his brain and it ruptured and killed him. Not the best of examples but it shows how preventative measure all to often have just as bad blow back affects. Look at the blow back from us trying to prevent our oil supply from being disrupted.

So from my neighbor to my congressman to your doctor the mentality of prevention through restriction or intervention, by those who have been granted authority over us, has become our jail cell.

An ounce of prevention is not worth a pound of freedom.


Yes , Yes , Yes .....................

Ok then

Than it seems better for government to stay out of it, thats all we want to here, no one is saying ,YES! lets do this, I want to hear both sides, and even hearing the "wrong" side is helpful, we know this is wrong, were just seeing what kind of solutions will help, As I said, Its just a discussion

Imagine how many James Holmes

Imagine how many James Holmes have high positions in the Withe House, Army, CIA, DHS...not to mention the little everyday "Jokers" you meet dealing with Police, TSA, etc.

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Predictive psychology has been around for awhile.

It is applied through testing in many schools in order to determine desired "outcomes". It appears this is a step toward predictive neurology. Ultimately, little Johnny will be assigned to a career path based on predictive testing or scanning. Accepting it's mandated use now, for any reason, does nothing but allow for the precedent, and acceptance in the public's mind. Best to not even go there. If individuals want to be scanned and analyzed, fine, but nothing mandatory. We don't need big brother testing everyone and putting them in a box.

Undo what Wilson did

what would you suggest?

because I know from even history its dangerous to label individuals, this is a very touchy subject, but they are responsible for much of the torture, destruction, and misery dispensed on the human race

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Get the government out of education and health care


Undo what Wilson did

Do you really want to give

Do you really want to give power to the government over who can be elected?

I hope you understand that such power would be abused.

Power is already abused every

Power is already abused every day by police officers and they get a fairly thorough psychological screening.

Give it the people

We don't have this process anyways, and look how powerful the government is, let them look into the history of these candidates, I support Jesse Ventura's nascar idea too, and like I said, instead of labelling ppl, have honest men with clean records like RP run these processes, We can't just get rid of them, we would be no different, so just find a process that will keep them out of power, knowledge IMO is the best weapon so far we have

Discriminatory Lawsuits

With these scans and tests, I can see psychopaths filing them lol


Ted Bundy still would have been executed for what he did

if he filed for discrimination, there's no way he could have justified raping and torturing ppl- If we had all the proof what the establishment and system has done for years, what are they going to say, my brain is why this happened, the people will want justice against those who are reckless and irresponsible in the end, I don't say they are evil, I really believe they have a malfunction in the brain, If we found out someone who is trying to run for POTUS has schizophrenia, he's not fit for such a position of power, No one with a right mind would elect him, and they'd look into his past history and realize what he kind of crimes he committed, if people understand the science of emotion and pre-frontal cortex, they definitely would support it, but that's another topic

I 'vote' yes!

but not just for politicians, but for ALL govt workers applying for jobs.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul