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To the Rand Paul Bashers

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To the hypocrits bashing Rand Paul:

Im a delegate, though I didn't make it past the county level because we were badly outnumbered in WA State. I was a district leader, worked my arse off, doorknocked, made thousands of calls, did everything I could to the point where I barley saw my little girls and my wife. I got 5 out of 9 in my precinct. However we were outnumbered at our precinct caucus despite the 18 I managed to drag there (I was sure 24 were coming, and was unsure of almost 10 more... what a dark day when only 18 could be bothered to show up for their bloody liberty)

In order to secure my spot to the county level, I, along with every other Ron Paul hopeful there stood before the Neocon horde and said:

"Yes, i'll support Romney if he wins, we have to beat Obama."

I, like probably damn near every one of you who didn't have the luxury of overwhelming numbers lied through my teeth to become a delegate. It made me feel dirty and I loathed it. Its what we had to do in order to secure our chance to take power so we could dismantle it. I would do it again without hesitation.

At both the precinct level and county level, agreeing to support Romney was the "only" way to be elected. The Neocons are the Gatekeepers and with numerical strength, we had no chance without appeasing their small Fox-soaked minds. We had to stain ourselves so we could fight for their future, because they are too brainwashed to think.

Rand Paul endorsed Romney for the exact goddamn reason I did. The arrogance of some of the people here who think that they are somehow more pure than a man who was steeped in liberty, born and raised by the Master of freedom himself. You think that the four or five year's you've been into the cause somehow make your more resistant to corruption, more loyal to the philosophy of freedom than a man who was raised by Ron Paul?

Have a little damn faith and relize if we can't win this through Ron Paul, and we don't have the numbers to beat them at their own game, then we need an insider who the Neocons like. That insider is Rand. How many times did you hear the Necons say "Well Ron Paul worries me, but I sure like Rand." Think it through. Rand is our plan B, we have to take em down one way or another and we don't bloody have the time to play nice. The Federal Reserve charter ends next year, and we HAVE to be in place and be accepted by the Neocons by if we are going to take it down.

Those of you lamenting that we ought to go 3rd party: We dont have 30 years to grow a third party and act like saints. There were 25 people at my state's Libertarian State Convention. Its a DEAD HORSE. Face it. Even if we "did" have enough time, then we still wouldn't be growing the LP because conditions obviously wouldn't be bad enough to wake people up. Retaking "our" party from the crazy evangelicals is our only shot, so quit dreaming and get to work.

Last, If I was Ron Paul, and I had sacrificed for 30 years to help America save herself from the parasites, I wouldn't appreciate a bunch of creeps bashing my CHILD over and over. Have a little restraint and consider that your words against the man's son are drawing blood. If I had people saying this stuff about my child i'd tell them to go @#$% themselves and find a new leader.

Rand and Ron represent a two-pronged attack. A plan A, and a plan B in case plan A fails. Stop with the paranoid crap. It doesn't help, infact it hurts and sews division. Get out there, do your damn job, and for crying out loud, have a little trust that Ron Paul can raise his child right.

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to the rand paul bashers...

i love your exercise in liberty and freedom of speech!

maybe it will help hold his compromising feet to the fire...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I have more respect for Jared

I have more respect for Jared Loughner than I do Rand Paul. At least Jared watered the tree of liberty, what has Rand done for the tree of liberty, p*ss on it and tell everyone it's rain?

To the Rand Paul *Supporters*

You're hopelessly naive (and are so desperately clinging to your dream of a political solution that you will pretend worms to be men).
I'm sorry, but worms are not men.
Liars are not honorable.
Obomni is not better than Obomni.
There will not be a politcal solution.

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I read every post in response

I read every post in response to Magwan. Why are people coming down so hard on him/her? Many individuals on the DP wrote how bad it was for Magwan to lie about his support for Romney. Really? Some of you need to get a grip. Half of the men on this forum lie when their wives ask, "Does my butt look fat in these pants?" Others have lied, or exaggerated in job interviews (Sure, I won't mind working 60 hours a week for this company). I don' t remember ever lying to my spouse. However, if I was being honest, I would have told my husband late last night "I'm too tired," rather than making him happy.

Yes, be an honest person, live with integrity. However, there will be times that we can't be entirely forthcoming when we know some people don't want the truth. I believe if Romney supporters knew the truth, they would support Ron Paul. At this point, many are not ready for it; maybe that will change in Tampa.

I'm POd at Rand. However, I'm withholding judgement until I have more info.

Magwan: Stop being hard on yourself. In the end, people will come around, and you will help make history.


Sanity has spoken.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Rands edorcement

Rand's endorsement of Romney was business, not belief.

For those who have done what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, they have NO business with Ron Paul, Rand, the GOP, or even us, at all.

All they have is belief based on MSM and conspiracy theory.

You and those who did what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do:

2. Attend your GOP central committee meetings and conventions
3. Become a credentialed candidate

We have gone inside, and so this is not our BUSINESS with Ron, Rand, the GOP, they ther CHOSE to not participate, so they are on the outside, and inflict their self righteous belief's as if they know what they are talking about. But we all know, from experience, they not only don't know what they are talking about, and what they talk about isn't going to get Ron Paul nominated or his message materialized. We will do that despite them.

The weirdest conspiracy

The weirdest conspiracy ttheory on this site is the view that Rand, in a Christ-like act of self-sacrifice, took a "bullet for his dad" by endorsing Romney on the same show as the man who smeared Ron as a racist. The weirdest conspiracy theory includes the one rationalizing Rand's failure to campaign for Ron at crucial state conventions.

We'll see

Conspiracy theory, which I enjoy, happens when an event's truth will never materialize, just bits and parts, and lots of educated guesses.

I don't see Rand as a Christ' like self sacrifice at all, and find no conspiracy about it.

It's interesting that the cult of Ron Paul remains outside the GOP, bashing who Ron Paul LOVES.

Use some logic. That he did

Use some logic. That he did it "on" the Sean Inshanity show is your biggest clue to his motivation. He was talking to them. And by them, I don't mean the fence sitter, I mean the hardcore Neocon base that will probably never wake up. Those who take Sean Hanity as the word of Jesus himself. These people, hearing the friendly repore between their favorite propogandist and Rand are thinking to themselves, "Why can't his father be more reasonable, like Rand? This guy, i'd vote for."

Rand seems reasonable to them. More importantly, he has the big stamp of approval from Fox, Hanity and the rest. This is all that is required for us to have the maximum possible chance of having a freedom candidate in 2016 should we fail here.

Case in point. Neocons, in general hate Ron Paul, but they LOVE Judge Napalatno. Why? Both say and think identically. Both say the same things. What is the major differance? The judge is on Fox news. Ron Paul is not. Thats it.

You guys in your purity often forget we cannot win this fight with logic. If we could, Ron Paul would have won in the 70's. We are doing battle against "faith-oriented" ways of thinking. These people are "R's" because they "believe" in the party. Logic and reason will play very little role in swaying them. They are simply too set in their ways, and too brainwashed by the media. You can wake up some of them, afterall thats where a lot of us come from, but for the majority, they will go to their grave believing that Ron Paul is a crazy dangerous liberal who will destroy America, even as they are being shoveled into FEMA camps. They will NEVER see reason.

Many "purist" Libertarians seems to have this idea that suddenly everyone's going to wake up and their ideas are going to prevail. Its the TV that creates the consensus, that decides what the Ds and the Rs are going to believe. Logic may as well be a toothpick against a tank in compairison. Its going to be a long time before we can beat that. We have to take the power centers back in order to wake up the masses. Create the consensus by taking over parties and surrounding those who "go along" in the media and politcs that so they feel like pariahs for being shills to the elites.

So what can reasonable men do against such a brick wall of institutionalized brainwashing? There are some who say just opt out and let it collapse. Well... a lot of people are going to die if that happens. For those of you who think heaven awaits, that might be fine for you. Not all of us are religous and are a bit more concerned with saving and making better "this" world (this is not all-enclusive, if thats not you, im not talking to you). I will do everything I can to give Liberty a hope of flourishing. Currently, that means using the tools I have available to me.

Since we cannot convince Neocons on logic, we have to find ways around them. That means we have to outsmart, and outmanuver them. To win within the party system, we have to win the maximum amount of delegates. Yet how are we to do that when we are outnumbered. First we have to exploit their weaknesses and our strengths. We are passionate and dedicated, and highly trained and knowledgable about the process. They are not, but they are numerous and stubborn. Because of this, many don't completely understand the purpose of delegates which is how I, even though my team was outnumbered pulled out a majority of delegates at my caucus. They voted for us because we sold ourselves to them, made them feel safe in electing us. Do you think they'd have elected us if they knew we would never support Romney, essentially handing the win to Obama if Paul lost the nomination? Hell no, so to get their vote, we had to disarm their fear by lying through our teeth. There was "no" other way.

Next, understand what motivates the average Neocon. They don't particularly like Romney. Very few of them are excited about him. Other than those who enjoy going and have tons of money, they mostly show up only because they are afraid of Ron Paul and want to block him so they can get the media's choice nominated and beat Obama. They don't understand that Romney has no chance, and they could care less if Romney is a democrate in reality. They go only to stop us. So if they think Ron Paul is out of the race, many of them won't have any real motivation to show up. So when Rand Paul goes on Hanity and says "Ayup, whur out... I endorse the Rominator." What's that do? It tells millions of Neocons that their choosen candidate is safe from that terrible rabble-rouser, Dr. Paul and they can go back to bingo and American Idol. THAT is the advantage we need and has probabably helped tilt the numbers slightly more in our favor than they otherwise would have been. Though it would have been more effective if not all the paranoid drama-queens on here who went into a full-on Bill Paxton panic mode because they have no concept of simple strategy. For a bunch of guys going on about faith all the time, you certainly don't have any to spare for Ron Paul and his ability to raise a principaled child who is loyal to his father and our cause.

If you can't settle with that, believe lying wasn't worth the five delegates we sent and it would have been better to loose but remain "pure", or if you believe that using the Repub party is not the proper vehicle, what are you even doing here? You're not helping, your ideas have no benifit to getting Paul elected as you clearly cannot even handle doing what it takes to win. That means you're almost certainly not a delegate and you're not pulling your weight for the cause. So why don't you go join the other couple dozen libertarian purists in the LP and stand on a soap box there while nothing changes and you remain irrelivant?

Those of you who come from districts where you had numerical superiority, great, you're lucky. I did not. You can say that the ends never justify the means, but for someone who is worried about what the world is going to look like for his children and not his celestial afterlife, id say you don't have a clue. I want my children to have a free society, not grow up in a command and control collectivist banking empire. I am willing to fight tooth and nail and do whatever needs to be done to get there. I have no time for people who live in fantasy land professing the virtues of some lofty principal that will never get us anywhere until it's too late.

Ron Paul is the messenger and he is pure. We are the soldiers, and lets face it, soldiers are "never" pure, no matter how pure their motivations might be. In the end pure messengers serve one purpose better than any, Martyrdom. Martyrs motivate change through inspiration, change is carried out by soldiers of one kind or another. This is real-ville. Rights are won or lost on the battlefield, political or literal. You can't have too many martyrs in one movement or they just become victims. We are impure so that Ron Paul can afford to be and remain a shining light to attact and awake others.

I am using my logic. If I

I am using my logic. If I was an ambitious politician and wanted to advance myself in the GOP, and didn't care about principle, I'd certainly suck up to Hannity. Your explanation seems to be presuppose that this is part of some master plan. Your explanation is the stretch not mine. Ocam's razor and all that.

The master plan theory also can't explain why Rand didn't lift a finger for his dad at crucial state conventions but the ambitious politiican theory explains that perfectly. Rand did what he "had to do" for his dad, no more.

I'm not sure that the neocons love Napolitano. After all, his show was cancelled!

Lie - 3rd party takes 30 yrs to grow.

infact, what party and platform is critical to get right before you run, otherwise a run is just superficial and meaningless and at best just about some ideology that is not meant to be passed or have any plan to implement and without a leadership team.

you need a leadership team and governance structure in order to make a serious run and then lead.

as paul was adamant to stick to establishment, his staff is all establishment folks. and his ideology that he preaches is different. hence, the mismatch resulted in loss and money wasted.

those who fear 3rd party are bec you entirely do what media and estab tell you to do and that is to stick to them and let them make all the decisions and you get a meaningless small band of freedom that will be unsuccessful in anything you do.

what the heck do you think it takes to build a party? do you like rnc rules that rp supporters are using that says forget how the american public vote but only delegates that mainly estab selects votes. this is tyranny. so you cannot fight tyranny while believing in tyrannical rnc rules and siding with estab.

give it up - paul's gop base is only 10% and has been consistently for the past year. if he were indep/3rd party, his numbers are 20%. meaning people are not going to convert to the corrupt party of paul's choice to vote for him. if he is indep or libertarian, then his leadership team and platform and party should be the same as well if he is serious about getting more votes or support.


25 people at my state

25 people at my state Libertarian convention.

Keep dreaming.

At least it is a lot cleaner than your corrupt gop-romney-bush.

i highly doubt it is 25 people. paul is only 10% of the gop base and has been so for the past year consistently. so i don't think you have any success there to brag about, especially when you are hooked to establishment in their party which they rule.


So how many of you here

So how many of you here pretending to be saints were elected as delegates in a precinct where you were outnumbered?

When I was there, the crowd was demanding to know if we'd support Romney if he won the nomination. We could have said no, thats true. However we would have sent 0 out of 9 instead of 5 out of 9 to the county.

At our county conventions, they cut our speaches down to a few seconds and the crowd was jeering that all they wanted to know is if you'd support Romney or not.

I guess im not as righteous as some of you. Im not willing to let my country burn so I can keep my hands clean.

The first thing and only thing I would say is

Never would I support Romney and neither should you because he is Obama.

This message needs to be implemented every cahnce at every level. This country has been destroyed because of such traitorus bastards. Its time to go back to the default position, the Constitution..ie.. Ron Paul, if not prepare for the worst.

Lies will get you NO WHERE..as has been born out by the fact that the POS Rand Paul has lost more support than he has gained for his betrayl of the TRUTH.

I don't support Romney. Do

I don't support Romney. Do you people even read before posting?

As for "lies will get you nowhere" I must respectfully disagree. lies got me to my county convention.

I know you don't "support" romney

however, just the fact that you act like your supporting Romney, your "supporting" Romney.

Wrong, because if there are

Wrong, because if there are enough people like me who manage to get to Tampa one way or another, you'll see very clearly how much I am "not" supporting Romney when we toss his bankster-owned ass out the door and nominate Ron Paul.

Perhaps if you and those on here who think like you had been able to put a stopper in your pristine honor, you might have been willing to get your hands dirty enough to actually become delegates as well. If you had, then we might have won this thing and had a President Paul and a libertarian-minded RNC who could restore ethics and honor to American politics.

Do you think that the colonial troops blowing the brains out the back of redcoat's heads and sticking bayonettes into their guts were fighting the wrong battle? Or is violence just fine, but lying is unacceptable? Get a clue. War is ugly, and the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.

Oh....please answer my

Oh....please answer my question. Why didn't the "wise and strong" self-sacrificing Rand bother to campaign for his father at the crucial state conventions though many of these were held either when the Senate was not in session or on weekends?

No idea. We'll find out.

No idea. We'll find out. Here is my best guess however:

Likely the entire point of Rand's endorsement was first, because he swore early on that he would endorse the nomine, and had he waited much longer, it would have hurt his standing with the establishment which he hopes to be viewed as a reasonable alternative to his father by.

2) To convince neocons that Ron Paul was out of the race, thus weakening Romney's turnout to State conventions to give us an advantage. Had Rand started going to state conventions to support Ron, it would have ruined his credability to the Necons as he would have endorsed one candidate and then campaigned for the one they consider to be a threat to life on earth. Also, his campaigning for his father after the endorsment would have let them all know that Ron Paul was still actually in the running and encouraged more of them to show up to oppose us. Whats the point of hiding someone and then pointing to them and shouting "here he is!"

The Necons would have felt betrayed by Rand Paul whom the counted as one of their own, and any hope the Liberty movement had for 2016 would be even slimmer than it already is.

"To convince neocons that Ron

"To convince neocons that Ron Paul was out of the race, thus weakening Romney's turnout to State conventions to give us an advantage. Had Rand started going to state conventions to support Ron, it would have ruined his credability to the Necons"

And I thought truthers were into implausible conspiracy theories! A more obvious answer is this. Rand is an intensely ambitious man who thinks his father is "too extreme." Sean Hannity and company are probably right in their view that Rand only gave nominal support to his father because he "had to" at least make a show of it. Please note that Rand would be an obscure doctor in Kentucky unless the "extremists" had given time and money. and Ron Paul had given his name, to his campaign.

No, you're not self-righteous

No, you're not self-righteous at all. Your perfectly willing to let burn under Romney.

You understand how a lie

You understand how a lie works right?

You know... you say something, only it isn't true. So concentrait and try to power through this one. If I told necons I'd support Romney in order to get them to elect me and my fellows as delegates, BUT I lied... what does that tell you?

1) Yes, its true, im the evil spawn of the devil and will burn for all eternity in a torture chamber in hell by decree of your Christ for lying. Im not arguing that, so you can feel good about that.

2) No, I will not be supporting Romney... hense, the lie.

You see how that works? If I actually "was" willing to support Romney, it wouldn't have been a lie... hense I wouldn't be getting bombarded by a bunch of zealots who themselves probably are not delegates.

So Rand was a Christ-like

So Rand was a Christ-like figure who degraded himself on Hannity, a man who had smeared his father only a few months earlier as a racist/anti-semite, to announce his endorsement of Romney as part of a secret "master plan?" Okay....I'll play. If that is your theory, why didn't the agua Buddha lift a finger to campaign for his dad at state conventions?

Have fun voting for a warmonger and drug warrior in November.

Because his job, in case it

Because his job, in case it prooves that we are unable to win with this strategy this time, is to set himself up for next time where we won't have the Neocons doing everything in their power, and using every fraud at their fingertips to stop him. The reason? Because he's wise and strong enough to take the humiliation and degradation of doing what he had to do in order to save the country from the banksters. If you lot can't even see through it, no way the Necons will, so I suppose thats a good sign.

The Aqua Buddhist as Christ?

The Aqua Buddhist as Christ? If you're right, Rand is the most Ghandi like figure in American history. Tell me another one.

well we'll find out. The

well we'll find out. The differance between us, is im willing to give the child or my hero the benifit of the doubt out of respect for the father who woke me up and is saving our country. You are not.

But I could care less if you trust Rand or not, my problem is people insulting him openly on a forum his father probably reads, and then wondering why Ron Paul doesn't say much to them anymore.

I suspect that Ron is as

I suspect that Ron is as disappointed in his son as we are. I believe that the story that he was so shocked by Rand's duplicity that he stared blankly for half a hour in the distance.

Face it. Children of even the greatest individuals often stray. Ron, who has had many children who did not betray him, is no exception.

Paul is neutral to pleased with Rand's endorsement.

he appears to be quite neutral or content. interesting, media doesn't ask him how he feels about it or his take on it.

when trump endorsed romney, paul said on numerous interviews that 'who cares what trump thinks', etc... and comments to MOCK trump. why doesn't paul mock his own son as well?


Ron is too much of a

Ron is too much of a gentleman to mock his son. Rand is too much of an ambitious politician to forgo the "opportunity" to degrade himself on the radio show of a man who viciously led the charge for the "Ron Paul is a racist" theory.