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Dark Knight Suspect Appears Visibly Drugged in Court

I guess Americans don't have a right to a clear mind during their day in court? We can be forcibly drugged huh?:


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20 Hours Without Sleep = Drunk

Studies show that 20 hours without sleep means you can't pass a field-sobriety test. That includes bad hand-eye coordination, impaired judgement, slow reaction times, slurred speech, etc.

The courts in other countries have begun to hold employers responsible for sleep-deprived workers as they do for alcohol when served at work.

Do not let a sleep deprived surgeon anywhere near you!

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Wonder who is in charge of his "medical treatment" - Fed or

local police? Also read somewhere that his car has Tennessee license plate - what's up with that? Is it even his car?

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Perhaps he is traumatized...

I think he looks coherent. He is clearly reacting to what the judge is saying. What i find strange about everything is that he just gave himself up, and told the police about the booby traps in his apartment. Seems like it was planned to be a suicide mission. But perhaps he was not quite ready to experience the carnage he inflicted. It was surely much different from what he imagined. I see immense sadness in his face. I've seen similar reactions from people that have lost loved ones. Here was a brilliant kid with a bright future, now he has to live the rest of his life in prison waiting to be executed all the while having to live with what he did.

Smells Fishy to me

Definitely doesn't Match up with the report of him spitting at the guards when they first caught him. Ive read A lot about hypnosis. The smarter you are, the easier it is to go into trance (because of the ability to imagine and visualize).
Drugs Enhance that power exponentially. Everyone experiences hypnosis, they just don't recognize it as such. A Long drive and miss an exit. Or arrive home and not even remember which street you just drove to get there.

Good movies also put you in a state of light hypnosis(Intense Concentration) . I believe the The natural barrier against "bad hypnosis" is simply "trust". You only let someone hypnotize you when you trust them. Misplaced trust + Evil Intent + Drugs= Tragedy

Hypnosis begins to work by changing your mental state. If you are around someone and you fall asleep around them. It can signal you trust yourself around them. Commands that lead you to relax cause a physiological response such as relaxation begin the process of trance.

This Music changes your mental state just like hypnosis
Skip to 8 min in...


Hypnotists just know how to Lead the imagination.

Watch first 3 min to get an Idea....

lady holding her shoe cant find it
Man is thirsty but can't find his mouth


And Remember drugs Enhance the effects!

Hypnosis for good use

Mk Ultra Government Hypnosis and Mind Control Testimony



There very well could be some sort of conspiracy...

I was just commenting my gut reaction. It is also very possible that Holmes acted on his own accord. Time will tell (or not).

I understand, yes time will

I understand, yes time will tell. I want to hear what he has to say.

You seriously think this guy

You seriously think this guy looks coherent?

You don't find the lack of CCTV Cameras, lack of alarm and lights going on in the theater, and fact that they found this guy in his car with all his weapons just sitting there strange?

Good to see people

questioning these events, thanks for sharing this with us. We have to be detectives and not just except everything that they set in front of us, it seems.

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This all just became real sketchy. This guy is drugged the eff up. At least it seems like it. Some kind of hallucinogen cuz he is trippin out! You see his face when the judge says "murder" he has a severe reaction but then just goes right back into empy glares.

There something messed up going on with this whole thing.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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It wouldn't suprise me if..

the prison psychs aren't trying to counter whatever he was on originally. It doesn't necessarily mean it was against his will. He didn't appear coherent. It also could have been an act. Ya gotta figure there will be an insanity plea.

Undo what Wilson did

"the shooter" was in a helmet and gas mask, right?

how does anyone know if Holmes is even aware that a shooting took place?

for all ANY of us know there was a highly-trained agent, in helmet/mask/etc. that did the shooting and tossed the weapons into Holmes' car as he disappeared into the night and the local cops took the bait. For all we know, Holmes was out cold during the whole thing and only came-to when the cops rousted him.

ah, good point...

Add to that the fact that he did not resist arrest but went calmly...I find that odd...usually these people try to kill themselves. Maybe an attempt was made to change the usual story and make it look less like previously similar events.

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That sounds just about right-

That sounds just about right- however, I think the weapons, and Holmes were pre-planted in the car (the guy doesn't look like he can walk).

Just leave him there, and have one officer say "I got the guy." case closed.

and Jason Bourne goes free

and Jason Bourne goes free

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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Good point.

Will any of the witnesses actually be able to say for sure it was Holmes? It'll come down to forensics.

Undo what Wilson did

"Forensics" is an easily

You'd really trust the "Forensic" results shown? If they're going to fake a shooting, they're going to fake DNA results too.

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Did I say I'd trust it?

No. I said that's what it'll come down to, meaning prosecution's case.

Undo what Wilson did

one witness

a young man, said he couldn't even identify the race of the shooter - there was no visible skin.

and yet another man said that

and yet another man said that there had to have been another person, because another can of teargas came flying in from the opposite side of the theater: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIHLeJe2_fE

In situations such as these...

the human body has a tendency to override 'sleepiness' and other natural responses by the body. This is certainly the most important moment in this person's life - regardless of the particular circumstances - he would be awake. He appears to be in a drug stupor, imo.

Or undrugged

Maybe he was on something for a couple months and now hes off.

Well let see

Yes it is possible he is on something or seeing that he has been in custody he is coming off of something. At the same time the look that I see on his face I have seen before many times. It is a look of hopelessness, shock, numbness. I have seen that look on someones face after they have realized that their life has changed forever and there is no going back. He probably hasn't slept much at all and has slowly been coming to grasp the serious reality that his life is over, he will never be a free man again. That he might not even make it to his final sentence knowing that many that are in and out of the prison system want him dead. So I would say he has the look of a Dead Man Walking...

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I was thinking the same thing...

...when I watched him in the courtroom. It almost looked as if he was thinking to himself "Is this real? Please somebody...wake me up!"

Easily very likely...

Although he could have just as easily had very little sleep in some shitty jail cell..

If you would be kind

and share, donate or just say a prayer..

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"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Or maybe he's just a freakin

Or maybe he's just a freakin lunatic??
Maybe you're on something?
What kind of drug cocktail have you had today?
This video proves notihing. Go back to your holes, conspiracy nuts.

Sure, it is easier to just be

Sure, it is easier to just be a nonthinking robot (as you suggest), and just label everyone as a "conspiracy nut."

But, he looks drugged to me too.

Calling me derogatory names for thinking will just out you for what you really are.

Oh, really? He looks drugged

Oh, really? He looks drugged to you?
Well, that's all the proof I need! Thank you for enlightening me.
No need for real evidence!

What difference does it make

What difference does it make to *you* that he looks drugged to *me*? I'm not out to prove anything to anyone. I know that true proof is nearly impossible unless you are in math or computer science.

Be tolerant of other people's opinions. Don't go all out for the anti or pro conspiracy side shows. Think for yourself and make your own decision. We are not the type of collective conscious that must think in lock step with one another. People have good reasons to not trust the government. To ignore or attack such natural and justified distrust is like an ostrich screaming with its head in the sand.

In the future, I hope people will support other's freedom to think for themselves and openly question any and all evidence. "All theories out in the open" is the only way to consistently defend liberty and justice for all.

The thought police must be overcome


says you have to believe anything anyone says or shows you, You have your own mind dont you? Well use it!

If you dont believe it fine, just dont attack those who do so.