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13 Killed Last Night in Texas, Lets Outlaw all Pickup Trucks

13 Killed Last Night in Texas, Lets Outlaw all Pickup Trucks

Kevin Copenhagen
July 23, 2012

This is the exact SAME logic used by the gun-grabbing, bleeding-heart and historically-ignorant “liberals” in this country in the wake of Friday’s mass murder in Aurora, Colorado. However, “conservatives” also grieving for the lives taken in the senseless mass murder of last Friday and who, rightly, are up in arms about talk of banning guns or restricting our access to them seem to have no issues with the Military Industrial Complex taking millions of innocent lives in wars of aggression on sovereign nations over the past 60+ years. “USA, USA, USA!!! Hoorah!!”

In yet another tragic episode of sheer ignorance, 23 people were piled into a Ford F-250 which went off the road Sunday on Route 59 southwest of Houston, Texas, smashing into a tree killing 13 and seriously injuring the other 10 on board. Where is the 24/7 nationwide media coverage, outrage and grief for these poor individuals and their grieving families? I hear the crickets chirping loudly because there was no gun involved in this tragedy.

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