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Gary Johnson at Conservatives Against Undeclared Wars Rally in Charlotte, NC

Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson told a rally of Conservatives Against Unconstitutional Wars that he is not the third choice on the ballot, he’s the only choice if they want to end undeclared wars.

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Watch the video of Gary Johnson's speech here:


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And neither threatens national security

Gary is a progressive who advocates wars based on emotion. I take back my charge of flip flopper. He's not flip-flopping, it's worse than that. he's holding two conflicting opinions and has no way to justify either.


This man really is clueless isn't he? Gary wanted to enter uganda with a strikeforce immediately - no declaration. so he has no idea what he's talking about or he's another flip flopper.


at the 2 minute mark he gets embarrassingly crushed by krauthammer

I missed that part. I saw

I missed that part. I saw Krauthammer, the pledged Neo-con viscerally bothered just by having a libertarian in his personal space.

Kony is a terrorist and we've been asked by the leaders of the countries to help. Libya was a civil war and we certainly weren't wanted by the leader of that country.

The former had Congressional support, the latter didn't.

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