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Driving to Tampa*

Hey Everyone,

So if I can manage to save up enough money for a new timing belt for my car in the next couple weeks I'll be driving to Tampa. Kansas, Missouri, South Illinois, West Kentucky (clarksville), Tennessee, Georgia, then Florida are that states that I will be driving through If I can make this happen. I will be willing to pick people up along the way if I can!

I'll keep yall updated on how the timing belt situation works

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This is a great idea!

And I am not trying to discourage you AT ALL but I want to let people know that I got a great deal (IMO) through southwest to Tampa during one of their promotions. From BHM I only paid $59 each way. For me and my husband to fly was cheaper than driving would be. I hope you are able to get down there!!! I'm counting down the days like a kid waiting for Christmas!!!

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are you a freedom rider...

But not an occupier or an anarchist well, maybe a little but only in the framework of individual freedom?

If so, holler at me when you go by western ky.

Anybody else involved?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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