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Paul not speaking at convention

Robert Ringer:

Several colleagues and I recently had a forty-five-minute meeting with Ron Paul, and it was more than just a bit revealing. Although I am not at liberty to share much of what was discussed, let it suffice to say that Paul will not be speaking at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, nor can you expect to find any of his immensely popular ideas incorporated into the party platform.

MittMan and his wave-averse team of advisors apparently are intent on sticking to their game plan of putting out lots of gobbledygook, sidestepping controversy, and silencing would-be wave-makers. Anyone who knows anything about politics realizes that controversy is anathema to an unprincipled politician who is obsessed with winning an election at any cost.

Awhile back, Grover Norquist wrote that “Ron Paul is the only candidate for the Republican nomination whose endorsement will matter to Mitt Romney. It is the only endorsement that will bring votes and the only endorsement, if withheld, that could cost Romney the general election.”

Norquist was right then, and he’s even more right today. Bad news for Romney: Paul will not be giving him an endorsement, and, as a result, many Paulists will either be voting for Gary Johnson or sitting out the election entirely.

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Ive no idea if the rumor is true, but if it was im positive Ron Paul would poll above 15% in any national poll meaning that he would be in the debates. Now that would be interesting!!!!

Blessed are the peacemakers

You might want to read

You might want to read this....there is something else in the works..... I found this yesterday at the L4RP....I NOW know it is true.......

Don't know if it is true so don't get all excited yet.....there's a rumor folks about Gary Johnson stepping down as the LIBERTARIAN candidate to let Ron Paul be the PREZ and he to be the VP.....I just read this at L4RP as I am a Plaintiff in the lawsuit that was filed a month ago to officially unbound all delegates to the RNC in Tampa.....well this is someone in the know who posted this over there....hope it is true but even so we would have to take down all the electronic machines that are NOW programmed for O'romney=O'bamney to win......

Someone named Dottie posted this question on the Lawyers FB page.....
Dottie Derewicz
Can someone tell me how many delegates are on the suit to testify. Someone said 143 and I was thinking there were more than that. Can someone clarify to make sure ppl are reporting the correct number. Someone said Bill O'Reilly was talking about and was stating 143. Anyone that can help me with this; I would certainly appreciate it.. thanks so much!


Here is Danny's reply.......

It doesn't matter even though i heard there were up to 500 John Does.. May just be the most beautifuL day EVER!! Dr. Paul Guaranteed to be on the ballot in ALL 50 states as Presidential Nominee if we want it!!! The rumor seems to be confirmed. GJ being a hero, Offering to step down and give Dr. Paul TOP biLLing for Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. We are truly more Libertarain than we are Republican. FREEDOM has NO PaRtY Lines!! We will garner the Independent vote, Latino, Democrats, Libertarians and ALL of our votes too!!! Even offering it in the event Dr Paul doesn't win the GOP. It's in the waiting!! I'm sooooooo happy right now! GJ joining the ranks of Universal Hero. PauL/Johnson 2012. :) Please go to Dr. Pauls wall and tell him you support him 100% if he decides to make this decision!! Love to all!!

here's Danny's latest post..... I guess this NEWS came directly from Richard Gilbert himself....the lead attorney in the Lawsuit says..... From the "Main Man" :) Richard Gilbert
I met and conferred today with Gary Johnson's attorney. I briefed the case. The subject came up about a Paul / Johnson Libertarian Ticket only in the event Dr Paul does not win the GOP nomination. They called it a "Dream Team" We discussed some details about how to execute such a contingency plan. This would give Dr Paul 50 State ballot access. What are your thoughts? How would we convince Dr Paul to do it?


It would be the best news I have heard all year!!

I hope that the libertine (Reason Magazine, Cato Institute, pro-profligacy) elements can be kept in line though in what would become a powerhouse Libertarian Party, and that REAL REPUBLICANS (the non-interventionist, non-libertine, traditional-values) element of the Ron Paul Revolution (like myself) would also have a seat at the table under President Paul.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
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"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Well until it is confirmed by GJs attorney I'm not biting

because Gilbert makes some of the most outlandish statements I've ever heard like his millions of twitter followers that do not exist.

Richard Gilbert posted that on his facebook page but I'd like to hear it from Gary Johnsons attorney to confirm it.Trust nothing and verify.

Anyone know how to find Gary Johnsons campaign attorney? I'm looking and not finding.

Gilbert went on to post this the next day:

"Richard Gilbert
20 hours ago
I promised I would keep you informed on details about the case, convention strategy, and contingency plans if Dr Paul does not win the GOP nomination.
Planning requires that all plans be made in advance. With the very survival of our nation at stake this is no time to be unprepared for all contingencies.
My contact is informed about my post yesterday, my conference with Johnson's legal counsel, and the possibility of a ticket with Governor Johnson. This is the response I received.

Hello Richard,
This is great news!
I am on it, best I can.
I will get back very shortly.

(name withheld)"

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I am skeptical

That at this late date Ron could qualify for ballot access under "sore loser"provisions in a number of states. Romneys GOP stooges are trying to prevent GJ being on the. MI ballot because he withdrew from the primary last year and was 3 minutes late filing the paperwork I do think however that GJ would go for it. Like Ron, Gary is all about the message and whatever will advance the cause or liberty.


So...what exactly did Rand get...

...for the SELL OUT?!?!?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

This Is Just A Pre-Emptive Blame

Believe me when I say, that there is NO ENDORSEMENT ANYWHERE, that will win Romney the election. The GOP knows this, and they are engaging in preemptive damage control by trying to blame Ron Paul for the inherent unelectability of their choice, Romney.

S H I L L. . . Tell the 500

S H I L L. . .

Tell the 500 plus delegates, from the main stage at the RNC, that RP wont be speaking. See how that "unity" works out for ya.

I can hear chants of RP, RP, RP already...

I hope they have to carry the RP delegates out using SWAT teams, live on TV for all the sheep of the world to see. Gotta break some eggs to make an omelet

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Endorsing a TRUE candidate . . .

A local/state GOP is at liberty to endorse the libertarian candidate if they choose to. So, if Dr. Paul runs on LP ticket they can actually endorse him from the state level (Nevada, Missouri, etc)...That would be great. I'd say let's go for it if things don't work out in Tampa . . .

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After the GOP's jack booted thugs take out the delegates they can deal with the ten of thousands of RP supporters outside. That will make for "must see TV".


another attempt @ Operation Cold Water

... dead on arrival just like the others. This guy writes for the New York Times? ... then he has 0% credibility, forever.

Like the old military stand down tactic "do not fire ... we are your friends" broadcast over loudspeakers as the ground forces commence firing ... these repetitive falsehoods broadcast over and over are designed to trick the liberty activists to "stand down" just as the most critical time in human history looms. This is for all the liberty marbles. No more "lesser of two evils" no more bankster-backed frauds no more two-party monopoly. Make the next 149 days count.


Really? Because I actually

Really? Because I actually have a little hope because it claims Ron Paul will NOT endorse Romney.

The Founding Fathers would never endorse King George.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Rombama doesn't care

about winning. He's SUPPOSED to lose. That's the whole point of the GOP running such a disliked, unsupported and weak "candidate". The leftist media annoints the "conservative" candidate so their man will be re-elected. So many have not caught on that the "experts" are liars.

Id prefer that he isnt

Id prefer that he isnt "invited." I'd prefer that the plurality of delegates do the "inviting" on the floor. I dont want Romney to be able to say "hey look at me I'm open minded yada yada yada"


why would anyone vote this

why would anyone vote this up?


Because the truth matters?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

So the delegates get credit for doing it and so Romney is

further exposed.


Cheer up everybody!

Once Dr. Gilbert finishes the production of his historic Youtube video, which will convince every last Romney Delegate that Ron Paul is the only hope for planet Earth, and once Dr. Gilbert has the Judge unbind ALL Delegates to the RNC, then everyone will vote their conscience and Dr. Paul (along with Dr. Gilbert as his VP, I pray) will blow the doors right off of that Convention when he speaks in Prime Time!
If Dr. Gilbert can brief Dr. Paul about the planet-wide threat of extinction due to the expected impact of a high-velocity space rock, then RP will most likely break that news to the whole world in his Prime Time speech.
Once people hear the truth about the threat that we face as a planet, we will all come together to support the TOP-SECRET (for now) plans Dr. Gilbert has bravely leaked on Twitter. Our ascendency into Phase-1 planet-hood will then be achieved, on December 21, exactly as foretold in the ancient scrolls!
Don't Give Up HOPE - We Will Get Through This Together!!!

So can Ron Paul's campaign

please stop playing nice?

Here was my comment to the article

What kind of fraud is preventing Dr. Paul from speaking at the convention? He has a plurality of delegates from at least 5 states (Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, Nevada). RNC rules state that if you get a plurality from 5 states your name can be placed in nomination and given 15 minutes to give a speech. Yes, most of his 22 NV delegates are bound to vote for Romney in the first round. However, no where in the rules does it state this prevents them from nominating him. Yes, the RNC is a private organization and they can make up their own rules. However, these are their current rules. The US taxpayers give about 36 million dollars for these conventions combined, so don’t we deserve to hear all views from the parties. If not the US taxpayers should stand up and demand no more taxpayer funding for these. If the RNC wants to commit fraud let them do it with their own funds and funds from private contributors who endorse fraud.

So where is a official statement from the RNC that states Dr. Paul didn’t get a plurality of delegates from 5 states and he will not be speaking at the convention. While they are at it, we would also like to see a statement on why this is the first year they wanted the MA delegates to sign a pledge from the delegates that they would vote for Romney. If they believe they did this legally and without committing fraud, they should have the balls to back it up and not pass the buck to the Romney camp.


Answer that, Prince Reibus or Rince Preibus...or whatever the heck your name is....

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

He has VA too, I think,

He has VA too, I think, though they're bound to vote Romulan on the 1st ballot.

But that shouldn't stop 'em from joining the other states in nominating RP.

I'll be VERY disappointed in our VA delegates if they fail us on this.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Ask a VA delegate

some of the 25 delegates in the RP column will help with platform issues, but they are not all going to move to nominate RP for VP or P.

Just a consideration

Perhaps there is no invitation as yet for him to speak as a guest.

However since any name placed in nomination will occur on the convention floor, and not until the convention, it would be impossible to confirm that Ron Paul or anyone else who may get placed into nomination will have the opportunity to speak.

So in other words, it may not be PLANNED that he will speak, but plans can be CHANGED!

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I re-watched Dr. Paul's C-SPAN from this morning

and he left me wondering about something with the way he said it. Questioner asked about convention and if he was speaking. Go to the part where he says, "I haven't been "Invited" to speak." The way he said it, it made me think that he KNOWS he is speaking.

I heard the RNC has no problem with him speaking, it's Romney

who does not want him to speak or even be there.

Gosh, don't I recall

something about The Wonder Boy and Dr. Paul being such good friends?
I tend to believe "ideas" were passed around and Dr. Paul would not step away from his principles.


Just saw this comment. I haven't seen the C-Span video yet, but what you say is what I was alluding to. Who needs an invitation when you have the right because you have been nominated?

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Paul Will Speak

If he is nominated for President or VP.

Conceivably, the GOP could try to implement some sort of decision or convention "rule" that prevents "bound" delegates (e.g. Louisiana/Nevada) from nominating Paul for the Presidency, or some other tactic that denies Paul a five state plurality for the presidential nomination.

However, there seems to be nothing that the GOP can do to prevent Paul from being nominated for Vice-President. Even if "bound" delegates are only bound to cast their first vote for the Presidential nomination (something that I am not willing to assume), they are certainly not bound to nominate (or even vote for) the nominee's Vice-Presidential pick.

Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

Rules of the Republican Party, Rule 40(b).

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson