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Major GOP Candidates Lack Ability to Follow Simple CNN Rules

A simple observation... GOP candidates at the CNN debate were given some simple instructions to follow to keep the debate on a 'level playing field'. The rules were so blatantly over-looked and disregarded by the so-called 'major' candidates, one can only wonder what other rules they'll blatantly disregard if ever given the power that comes with the Presidency of the U.S.A. As usual, Congressman Paul, the statesman and gentleman, showed America what "Presidential" really is. Dr. Paul...you're our modern day hero -

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Character tells...

After watching the New Hampshire debates, as the "windbags" droned on and on despite the polite "Thank You's" from the moderator, I kept wishing Dr. Paul would say something like:

"If my esteemed colleagues give as much respect to the law of the land: The U.S. Constitution, as they do to the rules of this debate, we know what kind of presidents they will be!"

CNN and Dr. Paul's flailing arms.

The event was obviously staged to give the spotlight, and more time, to Romney, Giuliani and McCain. Blitzer went repeatedly to these three candidates and turned to Dr. Paul (and the gentleman from Colorado whose name I am unable to recall) only occasionally. Dr. Paul was given the chance to speak only 3 times in the first hour.

CNN is a big corporation and the last thing they want to do is to give Dr. Paul an opportunity to speak freely; so the physician's answers were kept to a minimum.

I thought Dr. Paul did well, but I wish he'd stop flailing his arms around. Doesn't he have a coach?

Good observation

I tend to agree......Dr. Paul's messege is very clear, and very strong, and I might add, apparently in demand by Americans, but politics is brutal. I know it would be a tough pill to swallow, but a little posture coaching would polish ole Ron up!

alan laney