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"They've (RNC) just treated us like a friend and like a coalition," said Jesse Benton

Jesse Benton and the RNC have been working together for months? Dare I ask what the agenda is? The Ron Paul campaign cannot organize a rally without the RNC?

The following couple paragraphs are from a USA Today article and I included a link below as well.

The Paul campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have been working closely over the past few months to work out logistics in order to include the Texas congressman and his supporters in the August convention in Tampa.

"They've just treated us like a friend and like a coalition," said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for the Paul campaign. "They have been honest brokers in working with us and treated us with respect."

Paul will hold a rally with supporters Aug. 26 at the University of South Florida's Sun Dome — a venue convention planners helped him get.

"We have worked closely with Congressman Paul to secure a location for this event," said Kyle Downey, a spokesman for the GOP convention.


I am not going to Tampa as a political tool for Jesse Benton so that he can further his career with the RNC. When was the Ron Paul campaign going to let us know about their "planning"? DIRTY ROTTON LOUTS. I am not driving 3,000 miles round trip so that Jesse Benton can take credit for delivering us to some KOOL AID convention. I am tired of feeling like the idiot in the back seat who is paying for the gas while the Ron Paul campaign is learning to drive.

It is obvious that Jesse Benton has already sold us out.
This is a Ron Paul rally. Thousands upon thousands of us have been kicked around by the RNC for months and now we have to have the stench of their dirty hands fouling up our day in the sun?
Hey, I am all about encouraging peace and decorum, so I do not object to a friendly reminder that we mind our "P's and Q's"... but that is all I am going to sit for.
My girlfriend has already put in for the days off and I have re-arranged my schedule and set aside money to attend a Ron Paul rally. In the end I expect Ron Paul to either get nominated or not get nominated. We will not be some captive audience for RNC propaganda beforehand, Jesse Benton has already kissed enough butt for all of us. I would rather have a money bomb for our own rally than take a dime from our abusers.

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This is up to the delegates, not Benton

And I'm certain it will be a dogfight at the convention. It's time to take our liberty back! Ron Paul 2012!

If the RNC treats Jesse like a friend...

...while it treats the Ron Paul grassroots like sh*t, what does that make Jesse?

After all the violence, intimidation and vote-rigging by the RNC to freeze out Ron Paul's delegates, they are going to have to do more than play footsie with Jesse to make me feel welcome in the party. Say, RNC, why not seat the Nevada, Louisiana and original Massachusetts delegations and allow Ron Paul's name to be placed in nomination? That would be a magnanimous gesture of REAL friendship.

Only then will I entertain the notion that Jesse's "friend" is a friend worth having.

What does that malke Benton?

A lily-livered ass kissing P.O.S!