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Dennis Kucinich Rocks the House in Support of Ron Paul's HR 459 - Audit the Fed

Dennis Kucinich in support of HR 459

Thanks to RepublicNotDemocracy for the link


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It's not about Democrats or

It's not about Democrats or Republicans, we need our politicians to be like Mr. Kucinich and Dr. Paul. He was able to stand up and demand the impeachment of Pres. Obama. He knows how to put the constitution first! He knows to serve the people, and not a party.

Give this good sir a seat in the Paul administration!

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"


Did the Congressman make that speech before or after he lose the congressional seat? One little feeling I get about the Federal Reserve is that if you start critiquing it, you'd get silenced quickly.

Dennis did it again! C-Span opening statments

this morning at noon - Go Rep. Kucinich!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Something was cut out of the video.

at 1:05 or so a chunk of the video is missing . It sounds like he says "banks getting uncalculated amounts of money and we (cut)"knew"(cut) about it. "

did c-span intentionally edit that out? He of course could have said "we didn't know about it.

This seem weird to anyone else?

I checked the Congressional Record


This is all about disclosure and accountability. You know, the Fed's not some kind of hocus-pocus, black box operation. The Fed essentially supplants the constitutional mandate in article I, section 8 that belongs to the Congress of the United States.

Let's look at some recent history here: 2008, subprime meltdown, collateralized debt obligations go back to mortgage-backed securities. Neighborhoods in Cleveland melting down, people losing their homes. The Fed looked the other way.

And we're saying, don't go into the Fed; it will be political. Yes, it's political. We have unemployment because of politics. We have people losing their homes because of politics. We have banks getting uncalculated amounts of money from the Federal Reserve, and we don't even know about it.

Meanwhile, people can't get a loan to keep their home or keep their business.

Audit the Fed? You bet we should audit the Fed. We have to have accountability. It's time the Congress stood up for its constitutional role. Article I, section 8: power to coin and create money.

It's time that we stood up for America's 99 percent. It's time that we stood up to the Federal Reserve that right now acts like it's some kind of high, exalted priesthood, unaccountable in a democracy.

Let's change that by voting for the Paul bill.

Send this to all of your

Send this to all of your democratic friends!

I would love to see an independent Paul Kucinich ticket. It's platform could contain 2 things: end undeclared wars and audit the Fed. We can continue the debate about everything else that is disagreed upon. It would still be the most significant improvement seen in the direction of the country for the last 65 years (at least).

Democrat or not

I have a lot of admiration for Dennis Kucinich. Anti-war and Anti-fed?
I'll choose him over most of the so-called Republicans we have today!

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

3th Party Paul-Kucinich

is the only chance for saving US

I will second that motion!

One thing for sure, a Paul/Kucinich ticket could win!

Ron Paul Ask For It He Gets It

There's a strong BACKBONE right there Dr. Paul !!! Kucinich is the Man!

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

give 'em hell Dennis!

.."voting for the Paul bill!"

Dennis fades back....SWOOSH...and that's the game!!!

That was just brilliant. I love his attitude and passion.

- Brennan

We will miss him

They have run him out of congress and eliminated his district. Just like they tried to do to Ron Paul so many times. Hope he comes back. I'm not a democrat, but I'm an American. He is on our side.

"Power to coin and create money"

Listen to what the socialist is saying. He just wants to give Congress the power to create money, like the Fed does.

Article I Section 8 does NOT say Congress has the power to "create money." Kucinich made that up.

I wish more Paul supporters would realize that Kucinich is not really on our side. I'm not impressed by this video at all.

Not impressed?

This snippet of video of doesn't do his actions justice. He was the first Democrat to speak up in support of the bill. While everyone else was debating with a quite monotone voice Kucinich stood up and rocked the house with his passion. However, you want to look at this man as stated earlier in another comment he is better than most of the republicans we have in congress now.

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    He's on our side about ending

    He's on our side about ending American military imperialism, and he's on our side about auditing the fed. Those two things are HUGE! Let's get those two things accomplished first. Then we can return to the adversarial debate. The best way to build a big coalition is by choosing few platform items and then actually accomplishing them.

    This vote is for an audit of

    This vote is for an audit of the fed. He can have his viewpoints after his vote. Rp and dk agree on a few topics and both agree on an audit. I am impressed.


    He just yelled at Barny Frank during this clip bullshitting around the point.

    I'm correct in what I'm saying.

    Flawed 'End The Fed' Bill From Rep. Kucinich Would Give Congress Near Unlimited Power To Print Money http://articles.businessinsider.com/2010-12-22/news/30100923...

    I didn't get to vote for or

    I didn't get to vote for or against Ben Bernanke.

    Dam Dennis!

    Its gonna take them a week to get your boot out their a$$es.

    Ah, yes...

    one less spine needed in DC.

    "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

    Are Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul

    Good friends? Do they like each other?

    that was an amazing speech

    Yes, they are friends. In

    Yes, they are friends.

    In 2007-2008 when Kucinich was running for president he named Ron Paul as his VP choice.

    Ron Paul said that if he would become president he would consider naming Kucinich to his Administration.

    "Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

    That would be similar

    To Lincoln's Team of Rivals and just as legendary. A democrat in a Republican cabinet? Wow...almost seems like bi-partisan fairness.

    I believe he made a joke

    I believe he made a joke about appointing him the secretary of the department of Peace, since Denis loves his big departments. It was in good fun, and also highlighted that Denis is an ally of peace.


    I think they heavily respect each other. I'm not for a lot of the things Kucinich is for, but I believe he's an honest man who does fight for a lot of similar things the good doctor does.


    They cooperate and support each other where they agree. DK is not a libertarian or a conservative, however (Ron Paul is a conservative with libertarian politics.)

    What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

    "The Federal Reserve Acts Like Some Kind Of Exalted Priesthood"

    "Audit the FED, Then "KILL IT!"

    Poor Dennis, They "gerrymandered" him out of his congressional district...

    Gerrymandering :

    In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating geographic boundaries to create partisan or incumbent-protected districts