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Kucinich Stands for 99%, Demands Audit of the Federal Reserve

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this isn't OWS BS, this is a TRUE Revolution!


Gonna miss this man. Can't

Gonna miss this man. Can't think of any other (D) I'd say that about.

Listening to the debate

it was gratifying to see both Republicans and Democrats supporting this bill. Americans want to see the Federal Reserve audited. I do believe Congress KNOWS THAT WE ARE WATCHING.

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~ John Muir

Just remember that Kucinich

Just remember that Kucinich voted AGAINST a full audit of the Fed a couple years ago:

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why couldn't Dennis be more like Ron Paul??

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Excellent speech by Dennis!

Excellent speech by Dennis! Glad he got his point across loud and clear today.

Does anyone know when this was said?

Was it today, 24 July?

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It was today during the Audit

It was today during the Audit the Fed debate on the House floor.

give 'em hell Dennis!

"vote for the Paul bill"