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A Response to Obama on the Cybersecurity Act of 2012

Last week, US president Barack Obama penned an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about why lawmakers should pass what is known as the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Drew Wilson decided to issue his response on why the reasoning behind Obama’s piece is flawed.

One of the things I was thinking of when reading president Obama’s op-ed on cybersecurity was how often in many different countries the debate so frequently revolves around how there is somehow this imminent threat to the security of a nation and that only through whatever surveillance bill can the nation ever hope to be secure. I’ve seen this in Canada with the latest example being how the only way to stop people like Magnotta is through the surveillance legislation. I’ve seen Australia propose the most extreme form of surveillance that would allow authorities to hack people’s computer. The reason behind it? supposed new and emerging threats:

The Labor government has entrenched all the police state-style powers imposed in the supposed “war on terrorism”—already broad enough to cover many forms of political dissent and social unrest—and widened them even further. The discussion paper speaks sweepingly of combating “threats to our well-being”, “agents of espionage” and “other emerging threats”.


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Everyone needs to pay attention to this

its Sopa all over again.