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Santelli Rants: "Ditch The Duct Tape; The Problem is Insolvency"

"What's the difference between the US and Europe?" 'About Six Years' is the punchline that CNBC's Rick Santelli ascribes the apparently magnanimous view that Europe is so much different from us. Between PIMCO's Kashkari pontificating on unsustainable debt (and the Fed's need to 'do something', and Liesman still defending the Fed with all his might, Santelli loses it - noting Kashkari's intelligence, he rhetorically asks "Do you really think [the Fed] is the solution?" - and rightly so. "It's all band-aids," he exclaims, adding that "the problem is insolvency." Speaking out loud what many are thinking, Rick blasts the hypocrisy of the Kashkaris of the world who opine on solutions (and band-aids) while missing the critical underlying problem - that no one is accountable. Between Reagan, 'unreal' spending cuts, compromised 'bad' resolutions, and the continuing ostrich economics in the US mainstream, Santelli tells it like it is - as hard as it is for the CNBC anchors to hear.


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I bottle this stuff up and I am not Zen like RP

Sometimes it's nice to see a full-blown rant like that :-)

tea party

Santelli deserves more credit for starting the Tea party than Michelle Bachman or any other yahoo for that matter. Does anyone remember the rant he made back in 2008? Of course Dr. Paul is the Godfather of the Tea party but Santelli deserves some credit I believe. Unfortunately, tea party got highjacked by GOP :(

I saw that rant happen live

at the bank where you could get free coffee and watch CNBC. My jaw dropped, I knew that something HUGE had just happened, and it did.

Ron Paul may have provided the heat but Santelli's rant was the spark for the tea party.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

I remember

I thought that was what the Tea Party was going to be about. I really thought that finally a movement would come about that would address the financial problems, but no. It morphed into something quite different, which was a tragedy IMO.

The spark that lit the powder keg of the modern Tea Party

was Santelli's trading floor rant in February 2009 against the auto bailout (I think). He said we should have a tea-party type insurrection to protest out-of-control government. Yes, too bad the establishment has since co-opted the Tea party, but perhaps its remnants will remain to bear fruit after the coming financial collapse.

"Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem." Ronald Reagan, 1981 Inaugural Address

santelli needs his own show

I would like to see santelli get his own show. He has a huge wealth of financail knowledge and he isnt paid for like the bimbo that is a 1% wannabe.

CNBC: Media Whoring The Banking Cartels.

I watched this clip posted at one of my favorite sites, 'Zero Hedge', and the clues are OBVIOUS to anyone who knows the background of the people involved.
Rick Santelli is having a 'Jim Kramer' meltdown moment. A formerly staunch supporter of the Keynsian school, he has come to realize that the whole 'investment banking' thing is a great big 'Ponzi Scheme', and no longer has faith in the existence of 'The Eleventh Marble' (to quote Micheal Rivero). He still has not come to the opposite view, that of AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS, so he is quite agitated as he is naming the ISSUES, while failing to understand their SOLUTIONS.
Neil Kashkari (appropriate name: YOU KNEEL, and he will 'CASH CARRY') is the head of PIMCO, who was implicated in the GATA investigation 'price-fixing schemes' by the 'major players'. Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo BOTH used to use PIMCO to get market quotes until about '08 or so, and stopped using them because of the issues surrounding the paper 'GLD' and 'SLV' price manipulations by investing companies tied to PIMCO. The last Goldman front man who was BALD and needed to sweat bullets was HANK PAULSON (DO YOU REMEMBER?).
The THIRD WHEEL is Steve Liesman (another appropriate name: LIES, MAN!). He is NOT an 'economist'. He is a Columbia University JOURNALISM graduate, who moved to the SOVIET UNION in 1992, and is the founding 'BUSINESS EDITOR' for the 'MOSCOW TIMES'. The WALL STREET JOURNAL hired him in 1994. YES, the WALL STREET JOURNAL was owned by the DOW JONES CORPORATION, a privately-held corporatocracy involving the SAME BANKS that are now called the 'TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL 16' that are now involved in the LIBOR RATE-FIXING scandal. Check the members of the BOARD of DOW JONES at the time, and the research will prove what I state.

The only thing missing is 'MILE-HIGH MARIA' Bartilomo, Kissinger's whore.

Santelli needs to calm down and realize that he was USED (identify the PROBLEM). NEXT, he needs to UNLEARN EVERYTHING that the controllers told him was 'FACT' (in those COLLEGE COURSES). A few debates with the scholars at the Von Mises Institute could cleanse his soul, and give him a 'center' of stability and rational thought.
A few more sessions like this one, however, will lead to genersl HEART FAILURE. The pale of his face near the end of this scripted interview showed a dangerously high blood pressure rate in the coloration of his face.


PIMCO is a Federal Reserve member

Mr. K knows which side butters his bread.

The US isn't going to help anyone, though their agents are hoping to pick up deals for pennies on the dollar.

Free includes debt-free!


The FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD is made up of various members of the various banks.
Is Kashkari on the Board?
I have not seen 'PIMCO' named. In FACT, i have not seen ANY COMPANY directly named.
Of course, the higher people at at least ONE BANK (GOLDMAN/SACHS) seem to be affiliated quite heavily.
Does CASH-CARRY also have such an affiliation with the FED?

I am under the impression that corporate creatures like PIMCO are simple 'bottom-feeders' in this system (somewhat like the leeshes or maggots that eat out the dead bodies of the departed, or soon to be).

CREDIBLE LINKS to direct association are requested, as per your statement.


WHO are the AGENTS that you are referring to?



According to Federal Reserve Act of 1913

According to law the Comptroller of the Currency at the Department of Treasury keeps a list of paid in members and stock issued. http://www.llsdc.org/attachments/files/105/FRA-LH-PL63-43.pdf

Section 13 Paragraph 3
"The amount of acceptances so discounted shall at no time exceed ono-half the paid-up capital stock
and surplus of the bank for which the rediscounts are made."

Members have access to the Discount window. The recent audit listed companies that accessed the discount window, including PIMCO, Harley Davidson and McDonalds and others.

Likewise the Bailouts, so-called are part of the 1913 Act. "Sec. 7. After all necessary expenses of a Federal reserve bank have been paid or provided for, the stockholders shall be entitled to receive an annual dividend of six per centum on the paid-in capital stock."

Congress helps the Federal Reserve members prosper because, "After the aforesaid dividend claims have been fully met, all the net earnings shall be paid to the United States as a franchise tax."

In other words Congress aids and abets the 1% in their fleecing of the 99%.

Congress protects it franchisees at the expense of the taxpayers. Congress is the problem, but we keep sending the same bums back every two years. We get what we asked for.

Free includes debt-free!

BTW, Becky Quick is a twit,

BTW, Becky Quick is a twit, and Steve Liesman has his head permanently lodged in his rectum.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Becky QUICK?

On, NO!
Becky Quick is married to the 'executive producer' of CNBC's 'SQUAWK BOX'.
New Jersey.
'Political Science' B.A.
'Times-Mirror' commiesymp employment from 'The City' (of LONDON).
Oklahoma 'geologist' father worked for the 'BIG OIL COMPANIES'.

She is NOT a 'twit'.
Maria probably would last longer (but do you REALLY want to find out?). I've got friends in Low Places!

These SLUTS are about to find out about justice. GOD help them. They sold their souls for ROCK AND ROLL.

How about 'equal rights' for these women?

i am the only 'Northerner' in a family of 'Southerners'. I hope that you enjoy the music.


Amen to that.

Becky is the lead twit of the pack, but they are all "water-carriers" with the exception of Santelli and Gary Kaminsky. LIESman.....ugh.

Nothing like a good Santelli

Nothing like a good Santelli rant to get yer blood boilin'. Thanks!

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

reedr3v's picture

He's the only one showing appropriate


How Do You Get...

How do you get one of these little 'badges of honor'?
is there some 'APP' for that?

Is there some 'threshhold contributorship status' thingie?

The guy (SANTELLI) is about to blow a vein, and is obviously in very poor health because of his current state of awakening. YOU are naming this as 'appropriate outrage'.

Ron Paul's face shines with hope and love, but Santelli looks like he is about to DIE in this video link provided.

I don't think that I want one of your 'BADGES OF HONOR'.
Santelli is obviously several YEARS or DECADES behind the educational CURVE. I do not consider this to be 'APPROPRATE OUTRAGE' vis-a-vis the floor speeches of President Paul in the past 30 years.

Don't you even have a comment more than ONE WORD, describing this multiple-minute mainstream video?

NO. I don't want one of your 'BADGE THINGIES' (GOD knows, I've earned it!).


reedr3v's picture

By "badges" are you referring to the icon

of Dr. Paul? I assume it's because I donated to keep the DP funded, nothing I did to make it appear since I don't know anything about using apps.
And don't worry about accolades for your bad=tempered rants in this thread. Maybe you need to take your own advice and mellow out.