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SILVER - Where and what to buy ... and for how much


I live in southern california and I am interested in buying silver. I would like to get some advice from people on which local dealers to buy from and what i should expect to pay if considering silver rounds, 1 or 10 oz silver bars and bullions like eagles or maple leaves.


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Silver Eagles

...the finest silver bullion coin on planet Earth. PERIOD

Tulving has a better deal than APMEX.

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i also meant to recommend

i also meant to recommend tulving over apmex.


SILVER monthly chart wedge

I think your timing is really excellent. 26.50 has provided stout support for the past year and a half. We're at a point where the recent (and strong) downtrend is meeting closure with a longer term uptrend from the 2009 lows.

If you wanted one last chance to buy silver relatively 'cheap' to the 2011 highs, NOW is the time to do it, provided that silver DOES break upward.

Theres a chance silver could also break DOWN and we'd see 18-20$ silver pretty quick. im not sure what would happen from there, id have to really analyze some longer term charts.

Heres some other fun tidbits i was analyzing earlier today

WTI Monthly chart>
Oil looks like itll be see-sawing between these ranges for at least the next half a year. might not start to see a break (most likely up) until next year sometime.

GOLD Monthly chart
Gold's latest wedge looking much more bullish to me than either of the other two commodities. This is what you want to keep your eye on. Where gold goes, silver is bound to follow (with greater magnitude). Notice the latest wedge is quickly coming to a close. before it closes, it will break through in one direction or the other. Id say odds are likely that its going higher. retest of 1750 would confirm gold is poised to vault well over 2k/oz.

just my opinions, disclaimer: im not a financial advisor.

My 2 cents.

I often buy my silver over the internet and have been very satistfied with both Apmex and Gainesville Coins. If you're looking for silver eagles, I would definitely go with Gainesville. They are quite a bit cheaper than Apmex. Ship cost and time are about the same for both.

If you need a larger selection of products, then you might need to go with Apmex. That's where I'll get specific years of eagles and other assorted coins. Apmex rounds are very well known for exchange purposes too.

If you just want junk silver, then ebay is another good alternative. You will probably get the best prices here if you're willing hold out for the best prices.

Some advice...

Shy away from anything over 10oz increments. 90% Silver Dollars are one of the best ways of buying silver. They obviously have their silver value, but they also hold numismatic value. Even if silver dropped to $1 an ounce, the AU Morgan you bought in rolls for $22 a piece will still be worth $15-30.

Pay over melt for circulated silver coins.
Pay over spot for art rounds.
Get suckered into expensive commemoratives.
Pay more than a $3 premium for Silver Eagles.

After a friend of mine, who owns a mining company, talked with me about these things, my silver purchases have been much better. He told me "if you are paying SPOT, you're paying way too much." I try to adhere to that advice as often as possible; but if you're buying small increments, you may not have that luxury. In which case, just stick to the DON'T list I posted above. A fair dealer will adhere to that list as well.

My local coin store ALWAYS charges melt on junk silver, spot for miscellaneous bars/rounds, $0.63 premium on Engelhard silver, and $2.40 over spot for silver eagles. And they are just your everyday coin store. So I'd say that's a decent guide.

I Would Suggest,

You read "Everything" you can read on this site linked below.

Click to home page and read the daily writings, until you feel you completely understand the world of precious metals:



an idea

May i suggest looking at a chart before investing to make sure you're not investing in something that has been in a strong downtrend


It's not about an investment.

It's not about an investment. It's about it having buying power when the dollar does not exist anymore.

i see

i see. i've used apmex as well and have been satisfied

Just google

for local coin shops. I rather buy local than over the net. Most coin shops charge 5% over spot which is not the norm, and depending on your state there is no sales tax when buying coins minted by the US.

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Apmex...no sales tax. Best

Apmex...no sales tax.

Best deal is the bags of pre 1965 halves, dimes, and quarters.

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I agree with your reason for

I agree with your reason for owning physical silver. I wonder if you are aware of Ted Butler who has researched the silver market for years and initially wondered if the market in silver was manipulated. Here is the latest article I know of by Ted Butler:


A reliable source of silver is www.investmentrarities.com which has articles about silver including some by Ted Butler.

Another site which has articles and interviews about the precious metals and the goings on in the world and European markets which are affecting the price of gold and silver is www.kingworldnews.com

Clive Maund used to be one of the many gurus followed at investmentrarities but suddenly disappeared there when he started to suggest that silver was going to correct, which it did. I think he is perhaps the most objective analyst of the silver markets which you may discern from his latest article:


I agree that American Precious Metals Exchange is one of the best sources of silver. You are only charged $25 for shipping by US Postal Registered Mail and you will be impressed how they package. If you buy in large enough quantity you will be surprised to see that the actual cost of postage exceeds the $25!


Have fun exploring these links.

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good stuff

good stuff

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul