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Ron Paul on Fox Business with Gerri Willis 7/24/12

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Sheeple approved argument

Sheeple approved argument: I wonder how much testing they did to come up with this. The people don't trust congress so let's say that giving congress access to the money would be the worst thing. Let's totally skip over the fact that we don't know what the feds doing.........Idiots. They are brilliant in moving an uneducated herd though. so very sad.

Ditched my Cable Box

First of all, disconnecting the cable television was not easy; had to drive clear across town to personally return their "equipment" in order to cancel their service.

Enough is enough, the news is so rediculously structured to support the fed, and the war agendas, that it is nothing but garbage. Literally makes me ill to watch it.

Very liberating to disconnect from their lies and manipulation. It was encouraging to see the cable company's office filled with others returning their cable hardware. I only hope it was for similar reasons.

Unfortunately, the over the air broadcast "news" carries the same message, is just as manipulative and is apparently under the same control as the cable networks. I also noticed while in a village in Alaska, where there is little or no internet access, EVERYONE there is absolutely in line with the garbage preached on said networks. There, they are all linked to satellite television and npr radio. On the npr, they spread their manipulation on the hour every hour, even have a game show that includes questions about their propaganda of world events.

As hillary clinton stated, there is an information war and they are losing. What they want is more tax dollars devoted to manipulating the people paying those taxes into being robbed of prosperity, security, and freedom.

And the majority of the public buys this crap. Keep waking people up, sometimes it can be a slow process. Those under the influence of the controlled system of broadcast/brainwashing, are also good people; they just are reacting in accordance with the knowledge they've been given. They will also accordingly react to haviing been lied to and manipulated once they open their eyes to it.

The controlled broadcast will fall. Enough is enough, their lies manipulation is becoming more and more exposed by the day. Shutting down the corrupt system of broadcast will be a major step in removing the corruption that plaques and threatens our nation.

if you haven't done so yet,

if you haven't done so yet, learn how to cut the cord. We need to stop giving these idiots a stage.


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i just... wow... feels like one big ol' joke that nobody's telling me about with 'news reporters' now a days.

Ron Paul 1 gerri 0

Ron Paul 1 gerri 0

Dumb Reporters

What an embarrassment that Ron Paul has to put up with these dumb actresses posing as journalists all the time. It's such a shame that so many people accept these "reporters" as their primary news source and feel informed.

"Quickly, Dr. Paul"

=favorite media line to change the subject. The first "Alright." (growling and sneering),followed by the second "Alright.", (smiling) after she falls into her own trap- congress running the printing presses.
As always- Dr. Paul gets the last laugh. He is far more intelligent, principled and thoughtful than these media whores EVER imagined being. Media scum will never get the better of Ron Paul. It's been tried. He's the champion. Yes, wait until the convention. We haven't had it yet.

And here's what the problem looks like!!!!

This is NOT a "reporter". She is a media hack. How can we tell? Simple, this girl DOES NOT approach this from a journalistic position, but DOES approach this from a "Pre-Conclusion" perspective where she spouts out her opinion (A.K.A the conclusion that everyone mostly who watches the show will believe) on the matter instead of letting the good Dr. explain to her in CLEAR detail the main issues with the Federal Reserve.

Shame on her, shame on her BIG TIME!!! She is DEFINITELY a help in keeping the Federal Reserve fraud operating...

In conclusion... this interview WAS A ONE SIDED JOKE!!!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!

How terrible

This so called "reporter" is such an excellent example of media apprehending information one way, and reporting on it the exact other way. Putting words into people's mouths, not listening to the arguments, and just pursing with their bulldozer effect. Well, dear overstyled siliconated blondie, do us all a service and get off TV and go watch some corn grow on a farm while filing your nails, thats where you belong, given your level of culture and IQ.
No offence to farmers intended.

The best 7 seconds

4:54 - 5:01

'nuff said

Another Media Hack

She's pretty, if she'd just shut her mouth. Another media hack, paid to sell the dumbed down public the fallacy that the Fed is not 'politically motivated'. I used to watch FBN until they took Andrew Napolitano off the lineup.

Who unleashed that attack

Who unleashed that attack rat?

too bad

she never learned any manners - that woman is rude and ignorant.

I guess that's what sells...