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German think tank advocates forcing wealthy Germans to purchase government bonds

Last week, the Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW), or German Institute for Economic Research, an influential think tank, proposed an ingenious solution to the Euro Zone debt crisis. The German government should issue a Zwangsanleihe, a compulsory bond that every German with savings of €250,000 or more should be compelled to underwrite with 10 percent of his or her own money. Such measures could help the German state grab another €230 billion in resources from the private sector to support its bailout commitments, the DIW economists announced with apparent satisfaction.


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Next month’s headline:

“Wealthy Germans emigrate in mass to Singapore and Hong Kong”

Or "German Government Wiped Out In Mass Executions"

Oh wait, this is Germany we're talking about. Where they meekly accept tyranny at the drop of a hat.


"Germans". Good one that's funny.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

New German laws

New German laws make it easier to declare old people incompetent without due process, so that the state can take control of their pensions. These went into effect beginning this year, according to a German ex-patriot I know.

Free includes debt-free!


And I thought Germany was the last sane place in Europe...

That's funny right there.

The only thing "sane" about them is that they have plans to abandon the Euro and return to their own currency.

The insane part is that it looks like the collapse of the Euro and the replacement of it with the Mark was planned all along.

It was determined that uniting Europe politically would not work before it was united economically. Hitler proved Europe was not ready for such unification.

But if over a slow period, the continent were made interdependent, a temporary move to a common currency could be attempted and accepted.

Then political integration and coordination could follow.

Then, since this was all designed to fail as implemented, but the inertia was towards unification, Germany could achieve through an engineered collapse of the Euro what Hitler could not through war - European dependence and subservience to Germany.

Make no mistake - you are not watching events that are occurring by "chance."

It was all planned and designed this way.

As always though, England will be the hold out. The others will easily fall in line.

But it seems the resistance of Brits to integration is growing weaker by the day.


maybe i should have been more specific. I am totally with you on the fact that they made the EU monstrocity/'integration'.

I was really only speaking about mainland Europe, since the germans still have industry and no minimal wage, and just an overall more innovative environment that their neighbors.

Youre again right that at least the UK refuses to become a part of the EU integration

God help us if THIS idea

God help us if THIS idea gains traction.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Too late.

The U.S. Government has already been planning on how to force 401k's, IRA's and other Congressionally approved retirement plans to "invest" in government bonds for some time now.

It's just a matter of "necessity" in waiting to implement it since such a move will generate quite a stir. But it WILL happen. You can "bank" on it.