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Will Ron's Political legacy be decided Today?

Will Ron's Political legacy be decided Today?

Will Paul’s bill to audit “high exalted priesthood” Federal Reserve pass today?

Wednesday the 25th of July is the day that libertarian Congressman Ron Paul’s political legacy will be written, as the House votes on his bill to audit the Federal Reserve.

In order to pass, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, H.R. 459, needs two-thirds of the House to vote in favor. That equates to around 292 votes.

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ytc's picture

Ron's political legacy will GROW with or without

passing of this bill. His message of sound money, liberty and peace has a FAR greater impact on 21st century America than any little political bills that may or may not pass, imho.

That is why I am thrilled and energized to be in this RonPaul r3VOLution movement, which has just begun :-)

2 3rds Needed not Nice To Have

Was this brought up under a special rule so it requires 2 3rds to pass.

Democrat reps need to be called for sure. They have been told to vote no. Even if they are co sponsors.

Of course it will pass, but thats only one third

of the problem. You still have the senate where the GOP does not hold a majority, and a President who would love to use his veto pen for to "even the score".

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Bob Dylan sang it,

"We got lawbreakers makin' the rules". Of course it will pass the House, and of course, it won't pass the Senate, again. It's so incredible how our Congress has become so dysfunctional. They're not interested in seeing America on the right path. They're only interested in preserving their party seats, and therefore, the right to pass out all the fiat money they print up. We're rotten to the highest level. That spells doom. A nice, rightous, sincere, intelligent patriot, like Ron Paul, is ridiculed by corrupt thugs who like to kiss babies for pictures.

alan laney

I see no problem

in Congress. I do believe it will be passed. Its the Senate and the White House Im worried about honestly...Thats where the corruption in America lays.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

ytc's picture

I wouldn't "worry", freespeech468.

We, and our liberty movement, are not dependent on the petty whims of the Senate or the Obm/Romney white house. . .

Our movement will "live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding." (John O'Donohue "Fluent" from Conamara Blues) The terrain of our future is already set: we are free to enjoy and love the landscape. Meet you all at the ocean, one way or the other!

not unless

your river flow is blocked by a Dam called The Fed from reaching that ocean. btw we are all flowing on the waters of The Internet, lets hope we can keep it this way.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?