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Doctors and Vaccines

I brought my 14 year old son to the doctor today to have a mole looked at. I noticed any time I bring him in...which isn't often...the doctors try to push more vaccines on us. I always tell them that I only do what's required for school but they insist it is necessary for the others. Today they asked about doing the hpv vaccine and the hep a vaccine. Other times they try to do a flew shot but I've never had them done. Does anyone know anything about these vaccines? I would love to hear about your opinions and stories.

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The Video That Woke Me Up To Vaccines - Dr. Ayoub

This video woke me up to vaccines about 4 years ago. It is presented by Dr. Ayoub and contains information every parent and adult should know.


A great website about vaccines - www.vaccinetruth.org

say no to vac's


49 Sudden Deaths, 213 Permanent Disabilities - And the Silent Plan to Poison Your Child

Every time I enter a doctors

Every time I enter a doctors office they try to push these injections and when I refuse, I get a response as to how my fears of vaccines are unjustified and I am doing a huge injustice to my son by not protecting him.

We never usually go to the doctor except for school sports physicals and broken bones. However, my son has a funky looking mole on his neck so I thought it best to have it removed an analyzed.

But like I said, every time we walk in the door they try to push the injections. It's worse than going to a timeshare tour. Pushy!

just a thought

we have grand children whom have never been vaccinated or any shot at birth.
Find a different Dr. Their Dr. refuses to vac his own children and does not push it on anyone else.
There are truly good Drs. out there, it just takes a little research to find them. Word of mouth is your best bet.

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For up-to-date information on all

health issues and lifestyle that is objective and science-base AND honors a natural approach of health: http://chriskresser.com/

Full disclosure: for myself and my family, I prefer taking personal responsibility for health by natural means rather than trusting a medical monopoly that has proven record of failures and mistakes too often in its history and currently.

Gardasil - 18 Dead, Thousands Suffer Complications


HPV Gardasil Vaccine Proves Deadly - 47 Girls Now Dead


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Gardisil, the vaccine for hpv,

was disastrous for some girls, resulting in life long side effects, severe disabilities, and on occasion, death. There are numerous documented cases.
The hpv vaccine is touted to prevent cervical cancer by dealing to 4 (or so) of the genital wart types from the 100 (or so) verities that can become cancerous. As far as I'm aware, boys do not have a cervix, and I have never heard of a man dying of cervical cancer, although males can get genital warts.
This vaccine was developed for girls/women,and is relatively new.
I refused to give consent for my daughter to be vaccinated for hpv, and certainly would not let it anywhere near my son.
You would be doing your son a bigger favor by keeping his immune system healthy, and teaching him safe, moral, sexual practices.
Read and research Gardisil, keeping in mind that Big Phama will re-brand vaccines that have had a bum wrap, and will sell the same vaccine under a different name.
I strongly advise you not to vaccinate any of your children without first doing serious research about the vaccine, and weighing up the odds.

Unnecessary and Dangerous

Avoid vaccinations for humans. pets, and domestic animals.

Eat nourishing foods and filtered water to build immune system to fight disease.

Vaccinations are one of the biggest money-making scams of our time.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Thanks for giving us the inside scoop of what the pharma-cons

are doing to poison the American people. What are they doing when they do this?

* injection of genetically engineered microbes
* injection of live, pathogenic viruses, bacteria, mold, and in some cases parasites (ameobas, that is as contaminants)
* injection of heavy metals
* injection of aspartame, formaldehyde, and in most cases mercury
* injection of the adjuvant squalene, which causes autoimmune disorders

This is plenty of reason to NEVER have any such injections