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Audit The Fed Video By Ron Paul Hacked, No Sound! Contact at C4L?

Actually I don't know if it's hacked or not but there is no sound on either Youtube copy of critical Ron Paul remarks on Fed which preceded today's victory, all the more important now as we move onto the Senate.

C4L top of site:


Youtube posted at C4L:

Copy posted by RonPaulCC2012:

I figured it would be faster to run this down by posting here where there are people who can run down the right C4L folks, who must get a million emails a day and never see mine. Thanks!

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update still no sound on Paul video I think this is hurting the

cause. I know people who want to hear this.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Someone downrated this why would that be? It's a simple

question. Romney trolls.

anyway still looking for someone to contact on this.

Release the Sandy Hook video.