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What If Audit The Fed Destroyed Banking System?

The question here is simple; What if Audit The Fed helps precipitate the final collapse of this financial system? I fully support a full and complete audit, I just worry how the mainstream zombies will somehow attempt to blame Ron Paul and his audit for causing it. Thereby trying to destroy our movement by putting a huge financial collapse around our necks. I just think it's important we understand the game that's being played. Both sides know the game is up, it's just a question of when they throw in the towel and how they do it. Ultimately they'll throw in the towel in a way that leaves them "in the clear" and this seems like the perfect scapegoat should Armageddon hit.

It was good to see the bill pass so resounding in the House. I just think we should all be prepared for the financial blowback of such a bill and how we need to be prepared for a propaganda war against our movement and the bill should all hell break loose. The creators of this mess (fed, treasury) will launch a PR propaganda campaign to make it appear as though it all happened because the Fed's independence and secrecy was destroyed and they wanna leave us holding the bag, so to speak. Even though we've been against almost everything they do!

Just get ready for it.

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Then I'd say

Job well done.

It's like a sitcom script

"Sir, the company accountant has discovered that we are bankrupt! What should we do?"

"Fire him. Hire a new accountant."

"But he'll tell people, sir. They'll cut off our credit. They'll sue us. They'll stop doing business with us!"

"Then we'll blame him for causing a panic."

"Yes, sir."

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

I assure you Captain, The Titanic is made of paper.

I assure you Captain, The Titanic is made of paper, she's going down.

The audit will show that this ship of dreams is made of paper.

That knowledge changes nothing, except for the surprise ending.

Free includes debt-free!

Good point but,

nearly every person and small business would be far better off without the TBTF banks and their 'lender of last resort' read: safety net provided by the people. The MSM propaganda would be very hard to counteract though.

Collapse is a certainty regardless. The difference is that with

the audit, we have at least a few named suspects for the lynch mobs in the aftermath, or more accurately, we have some of the guilty suspects.

Without the audit, blame may fall on the wrong people.

At the least, without the audit, our case for not keeping the Fed, and our case for sound money will be much harder to make.

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if the Banking System destroyed itself w/o Auditing the FED?

I think the better question is: What will FOLLOW the current (failed/criminal) banking system once it collapses?

No Audit = Collapse from an unsustainable / unsurmountable DEBT

Audit = Faster Collapse due to Outrage from the People at the level of Criminal activity!
(with a chance for a better system due to the public getting educated on the criminal system that caused the failure).

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa