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Video: Full Interview with Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 7/25/2012

Full interview with Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV after the vote on H.R.459

BloombergTV: Ron Paul: The People Want Transparency on the Fed (07:09)

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Now if we could just get the average American to take 20 minutes out of their lives and listen to any clip of Ron Paul...oh what an even greater country this could be.


Is it just me or did Dr. Paul actually receive some respect from the news media for once? I can't believe they asked semi intelligent questions and allowed for an intelligent debate!

Way to go Dr. Paul!!

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Thank you for finding that

Thank you for finding that video. Dr. Paul is a true statesman.

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That was fantastic!!!

Thank you so much.


That was awesome.

That was awesome.

Much better than the short version!

"If Reid had the guts to bring that [Fed Audit] up on the floor it would pass."

- Ron Paul