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What Happens Now?

Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill has finally taken a hold in Washington after it passed in the House. People are rightfully happy about this.

But does it really mean anything if it doesn't pass in the Senate?

The Senate is already telling the press that they will sandbag the bill until at least after their August break and then the only way they will ever allow it to be dealt with is if Rand Paul tries enough times and finally manages to get it attached to another bill. Only then will the Senate consider passing " some form " of it.

That doesn't sound like something we all should be happy about and celebrating over. Does it sound like it to any of you? You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like the Audit the Fed Bill will take another 24 years in Washington before it gains any more traction.

But maybe it doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe we can use Jesse Benton's " sell out " of the campaign to the RNC/GOP in our favor? Maybe.....we can kill two Neo-Con birds with one stone?

We all know by now that the RNC/GOP intends the RNC convention to be nothing more than a Coronation Event for Mitt Romney.

We all know that the people running the Ron Paul campaign sold out early on to the GOP in the hopes that they could get at least a speaking spot for Ron Paul at the Convention.

We all know Rand Paul " took one for the team " by endorsing Mitt Romney in the hopes of gaining any kind of traction for the Audit the Fed Bill in Washington.

We all know these things happened and we all know WHY these things happened. They happened so that the Ron Paul delegate revolt could be averted at the convention in Tampa.

The RNC/GOP's BIGGEST fear was that their coronation of Romney would be derailed by a mass delegate revolt on live television and that would result in an undoing of all the media's black-out of Ron Paul....the election and vote fraud carried out by the GOP in almost all 50 states and the waste of millions of dollars by the RNC/GOP promoting Romney as the Nominee MONTHS before the race was even over.

The RNC/GOP does not want to be made to look like fools on national television. The media themselves don't want to be made to look like fools after spending 5 months lying to America. The Romney Campaign doesn't want to look like fools for starting a Presidential Race 4 months before Romney's nomination was even decided.

So what does this all mean for us if you throw everything into the pot and stir it around on simmer for a few hours?

It leaves us with absolutely nothing. Until you add in the fact that the Delegates still have a part to play in all of this. The needed pinch of salt in this entire Recipe is that the Delegates can still be swayed away from Romney no matter what the RNC wants or offers in exchange to keep from happening.

The Senate's openly stated refusal to vote on the Audit the Fed bill has made any back door deal that was made between the RNC/GOP and the Paul campaign null and void.

If the Senate is refusing to vote on the bill and pass it in it's entirety in a timely fashion....then the Romney Coronation needs to be brought to an abrupt halt.

Ron Paul STILL has leverage. But his leverage would be a whole lot greater if people started reaching out to the RNC National Delegates, where ever they are, and preach to them about Ron Paul. Inform them of exactly how much power and leveraging ability they REALLY hold as opposed to what the RNC/GOP wants them to think they hold.

The headlines in papers all across America can read one of two ways on Sept 1, 2012 :

Ron Paul's Edit the Fed bill passes in the fed unmolested!


Ron Paul is the surprise Nominee at the 2012 RNC Convention and goes on to face Obama in November!

Personally, I'd like to see BOTH of those headlines to be true but I am realistic enough to not dream that big. I'll settle for Ron getting the nomination and most of you will settle for the Fed bill passing. But just realize this.....

Neither of those headlines will appear on Sept 1st if none of you goes and finds those RNC National Delegates and starts educating them on the need to be voting for Ron Paul at the convention....or use their leverage to force the GOP to take drastic measure to ensure the Audit the Fed bill gets voted on in the Senate early , unmolested and passes.

If the bill doesn't pass...Romney doesn't get his coronation. plain and simple. The RNC/GOP has some tough choices ahead of them.

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Do you really think our masters will set us free?

Get real. This is a slave society. Master Central is the Board room of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The overwhelming majority of politicians in Washington, DC are owned by the various cartels, most notably the banking cartel. The House vote to audit the FED is just theater; if was allowed only to placate the public who agitated for its passage, because those in power knew they could block it in the Senate or as a last resort with an Obama veto.

We are the fools if we think we are going to regain freedom through the peaceful political process. The Ron Paul movement is just the early, peaceful stage of a revolution that will end violently. The next stage will be demonstrations followed by riots followed by guerrilla warfare. We will follow this progression because the economy is entering long term decline because of the instability of the present monetary system and because of the end of the era of cheap energy, aggravated by the arrival of the drought part of weather cycles. As the economy contracts those is power will increase their take in order to maintain their life styles so the burden of less to consume will be placed fully on the backs of the majority. The pain of going along with the present system of plunder and control will soon exceed the pain anticipated from revolution, and the path of least resistance will be revolution or civil war.

As much as I would like to see Tampa be a major advance toward throwing off our chains, complete with demonstrations, confrontation, and disruption, I suspect that it will be just another non event that kicks the rebellion can a little farther into the future.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

bumping now!

great idea!


Welcome to DP, Ty TheMan!

What an excellent editorial jam-packed with insights and encouragement! You've put a great deal of work into this, and it shows. The post is, nevertheless, perhaps a tad lengthy by DP standards. In order to attract more attention to it via searches, you may want to increase its target appeal by including a few apt keywords (ex., "What Happens Between Now and Sept 1, 2012?" or "What Happens Now that H.R. 459 Has Passed the House?"). Your substance is nourishing and thought-provoking. DP members would do well to read this wonderful article. Please see what you can do about getting more traffic here via a specific, more provocative title. Well done, Ty TheMan! Bravo! Thanks for contributing!


Thanks for the suggestions, LadyHawk. I'll work on more eye-catching titles for future posts. As for the length....well....not sure how I will handle that. I guess it will depend on what I have to say.

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Inviting Attention = RP's Fed Bill.

+1, a "bump" says tooo little.