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$2000 in Matching Funds to Get Our Delegates to Tampa

Everyone: can you help LibertyUSA PAC get the delegates to Tampa? The PAC has an ongoing money bomb, and two RP supporters have put their money where their mouths are and started us off with $1700. However, there's not much time left to pull this together for our delegates.

Here's the proposal. We have $1700 in money promised by anonymous donors. With activity, here, it is likely to rise to $2000 or more in matching funds. We get to $2K, here, and the matching funds will be pumped in. Imagine the excitement for our delegates when they see this. They are trying to fund themselves. Lets' help them.

One delegate is so excited about the delegate bomb, with just minimal activity, she started crying, especially after seeing that, finally, people are donating. Here is what she said:


I just saw that the delegate money bomb has exploded!! (this National Alternate had been feverishly posting it on Facebook to get some momentum). I am truly in tears! I don't know what else to say ... you have restored my faith in humanity, Doc. You remind me so much of Dr Paul! Thank you!

Here is another example of the kinds of communications the PAC is receiving:

"My name is ______ _______ and I am a National Delegate for Ron Paul from __________. I would appreciate any help with funding, if possible. At this point, my investment is an airline ticket for $843, hotel expenses of $130 and $240 respectively. I have prearranged for a rent car @$425, however, may have to rely on taxi service to be able to get from one place to another with check in deadlines, etc., in which case I would cancel the car rental reservation. Dependent upon schedules, which we are working on with a timeline of events.

I am traveling with another lady Alternate Delegate, _______ ______, whose husband is currently unemployed, and I am sure she would appreciate any funding as well. Her expenses mirror mine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for the generous offer."

To donate: http://www.libertyusapac.com/delegate_bomb.html

Note: the funds are already sitting in the PAC account, and will be applied as soon as we reach the amount.

It couldn't be summarized better than this post (by 4Constitution)about being ahead in a tough game, but still needing to finish it all the way:


They are obviously afraid. Please go to Tampa, vote for our platforms, and vote for Dr. Paul. AND please keep working at those undecided delegates.

See original thread, here:

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We in the Paul Nation Stick

TOGETHER! Thank you to everyone who can and has donated. What we cannot do alone, we can accomplish together!

Never surrender! Ron Paul or none at all!


Let's do it!

Note: the donations that have come in since the original post

will count in the matching funds. C'mon people, let's match this, quickly, to give our delegates hope. They are fighting for their lives out there.