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This Is The Face Of Mitt Romney's Fake Twitter Followers

July 25, 2012

Ben Sarma, an Internet marketer who hadn't used Twitter for months, was startled to find out Tuesday that his photo was being used by at least five other Twitter accounts.

"Not sure how this happened," he wrote to them, "but you are using my picture on your profile. Though I'm flattered, please change it."

By Wednesday, none of them had.

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I noticed this!

I noticed this a few days ago when Romney's facebook "fans" began skyrocketting at a much higher rate than normal, at over 100,000 a day...also last week, the amount of people talking about Mitt Romney was HALF of the amount of people talking about Obama (according to Facebook), and now this week they are almost equal? yet, the number of people "visiting" Mitt's facebook has remained the same? I smell major BS.

Poor Mitt...

he has to pay for friends. That's pretty sad. I hope someday he finds some real friends.

Many more fake accounts not using the same photo

Probably ten fold.

He stole that idea from the pizza guy.

The 999 guy, can't think of his name. He had a fake grassroots Web forum.




Hermon Cain ya mean?