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‎*Operation Contact Harry Reid* Commencing! (3 Easy Steps)

1. Call Harry Reid's office at 202-224-3542 (Option 1) to speak to someone. Tell them that you are from Nevada and that you want Senator Reid to bring Audit the Fed S. 202 up for a vote in the Senate.

2. Call back the same number and leave a message (Option 2) stating your same demands.

3. Email his office http://www.reid.senate.gov/contact/index.cfm

Here are some extra steps for those who really want to show how FED UP you are:

-Fax him at 202-224-7327. If you don't have a fax machine, use this free service http://faxzero.com/.

-Hit him up on Twitter @SenatorReid to let him know your thoughts.

-Message him on facebook http://www.facebook.com/harry.reid.167?ref=ts AND http://www.facebook.com/HarryReid?ref=ts

-Contact his Las Vegas Office (702) 388-5020 and fax (702) 388-5030 and his Carson City Office 775-882-7343.

-Here is another contact form http://www.harryreid.com/content/contact/

Don't be lazy! Do them all! It takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it without getting up from the couch!

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His Facebook Is Locked Down

. . .can't send a message - can't leave a message - even if you "Like" it. Hmm. . .what kind of public servant is that?!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

It was so simple...

that a caveman could do it. Being a Nevada resident I called Senator Reid's DC office. I spoke to his aid, hung up, called again to leave a voice mail message. Then I emailed him and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV)to support S.202. I even got my parents who live in NY to write to their senators (both Democrats) to pressure Sen. Reid to bring up S.202 for vote.

I thought...

there was a huge Republican recall effort of Harry Reid, They even raised over a million dollars. What happened?

None the less we shouldn't leave it up to just the republicans. Let's push this to scare the living hell out of him. The process looks pretty straight forward. 200 word or less reason submitted to the SOS and a petition with signatures making up 25% of the total votes of his last election. Nev. SOS says there were 1,339,211 votes in 2010, 25% of that is 334,802.75

Is 300k signatures even possible?

Nevada State Constitution, Art. II sec. 9:

Recall of public officers: Procedure and limitations.  Every public officer in the State of Nevada is subject, as herein provided, to recall from office by the registered voters of the state, or of the county, district, or municipality which he represents. For this purpose, not less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the number who actually voted in the state or in the county, district, or municipality which he represents, at the election in which he was elected, shall file their petition, in the manner herein provided, demanding his recall by the people. They shall set forth in said petition, in not exceeding two hundred (200) words, the reasons why said recall is demanded. If he shall offer his resignation, it shall be accepted and take effect on the day it is offered, and the vacancy thereby caused shall be filled in the manner provided by law. If he shall not resign within five (5) days after the petition is filed, a special election shall be ordered to be held within thirty (30) days after the issuance of the call therefor, in the state, or county, district, or municipality electing said officer, to determine whether the people will recall said officer. On the ballot at said election shall be printed verbatim as set forth in the recall petition, the reasons for demanding the recall of said officer, and in not more than two hundred (200) words, the officer’s justification of his course in office. He shall continue to perform the duties of his office until the result of said election shall be finally declared. Other candidates for the office may be nominated to be voted for at said special election. The candidate who shall receive highest number of votes at said special election shall be deemed elected for the remainder of the term, whether it be the person against whom the recall petition was filed, or another. The recall petition shall be filed with the officer with whom the petition for nomination to such office shall be filed, and the same officer shall order the special election when it is required. No such petition shall be circulated or filed against any officer until he has actually held his office six (6) months, save and except that it may be filed against a senator or assemblyman in the legislature at any time after ten (10) days from the beginning of the first session after his election. After one such petition and special election, no further recall petition shall be filed against the same officer during the term for which he was elected, unless such further petitioners shall pay into the public treasury from which the expenses of said special election have been paid, the whole amount paid out of said public treasury as expenses for the preceding special election. Such additional legislation as may aid the operation of this section shall be provided by law.

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In a Republic

How can one person deny a vote on a bill that 2/3 of the house voted for? How is that representing the people?

We got him running

Now step on his neck(metaphorically)

Change heading to less negative...delete "SPAM" and use "CALL"

bump to get it on the front page.

- Brennan

"Mailbox is Full" couldn't

"Mailbox is Full" couldn't leave a message right now. email them instead.

- Brennan

Fax and call his Vegas and

Fax and call his Vegas and Carson City offices too

Send this to ALL of your meetup groups as well.

WE THE PEOPLE are powerful when we act as a team.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Be nice !!!

This guy wants an Audit of the Fed maybe as much as we do.

Whops too late!!

Whops too late!!

My Email

Subject line:
A Surefire and Legal Way to Increase the Honorable Harry Reid's favorbility Rating

To the Honorable Harry Reid,

Your Congressional Favorability Rating is 52% Unfavorable.

The majority of the people want an Audit of the Federal Reserve.

The majority of the people want want Obamacare repealed.

Democrats will need to retain all their seats in the Senate if they want a chance of opposing a repeal.
Assuming you want to keep it...

The path to a higher Favorability rating and thus more votes, seems clear, allow S.202 to come to a vote.
As a bonus you help to ensure the retention of your seat in the Senate and are thus able to oppose or support a repeal of Obamacare as you will.

H.R. 459 has passed with bipartisan support in the House 327 - 98. This bill's counterpart, S.202, currently has 22 co-sponsors. Yet you said "the Fed audit bill will never reach the Senate floor".
Given that there is now a majority support for an Audit of the Fed amongst the people, the Congress and most importantly your constituents, do you really think it wise to even slightly anger them?
You do realize there is an up and coming Election?

Seems you have some thinking to do, I leave you to it.

An American citizen concerned about our incremental loss of Liberty
and the consistent devaluation of our currency.


Though I feel dirty for having sent it, I don't want him to retain his seat.


Can we use this as a templete?


I'm from Pennsylvania

and I just emailed him my thoughts! I'll be calling him tomorrow. :)

That's the spirit!

Be sure to FAX as well....using the link above is very easy!

Their Fax machine will be a hot mess in the morning..hehe

Keep the pressure on for a week!

He will run screaming from his office. LOL

Use Meetup.com!

I used to live in Reno and am part of the Reno Ron Paul meetup group. I just contacted the group organizers asking them to post a meetup where they can get a group of patriots in the area to show up as a group to Senator Reid's Reno office and let them know the people demand and audit of the Fed. I also suggested the same to the Bay Area meetup group where I currently live, asking people to get together and show up to Dianne Feinstein's SF office and let her know we want an audit. We need to show up in forces people, it's the only way this bill will make it to the Senate. Who agrees? Should this be its own thread?



Just sent

a fax to his DC office. I used the link in the post. Thanks for that website by the way. It's very convenient and free.

When Benjamin Franklin exited the constitutional convention, he was asked by a woman: "Sir, what have you given us?" His immediate response was: "A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it."

Tell him we won't give up!

Tell him we won't give up!



Reid is a total

sellout tool.

Here is another way to contact him:

Here is another way to contact him:


Paul ante portas.

Here is my message

Dear Senator Reid,

As an Independent voter, I will kindly advise you that you should atleast put the Audit the Fed bill up for a vote in the Senate. The bill passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support. I believe this bill will help to bring about a transparent Federal Reserve and will provide a clear understanding on how to fundamentally fix our economy. Ron Paul has always been known to be a honest politician, so I dont know why you wouldnt at least respect what he has to say. Put this to a vote, please. If this doesnt happen, I will tell my family in Nevada to not vote for you this November. I think your practices are out of date, and the Fed finally needs to be transparent.

An overly-taxed concerned American citizen.

suggestion to OP,

If he does not change his tune soon or bring it to a vote. We can always organize a national boycott of las vegas and nevada in general! I know plenty of colorado folks who love to go to nevada that can stop in a heart beat if harry reid doesn't change his tune very soon. just a thought.

Ron Paul 2016

We need to overwhelm him

Tell him you are an independent that will tell your whole family that lives in his district (who cares if its true) not to vote for him if he doesnt support this bill. He knows the Paul force is strong in Nevada, we need to bludgeon him with emails/calls.

My email to Reid

Hello Mr. Reid,
Recently, you made the statement "the fed audit bill will never reach the senate floor." Well, Senator, I have begun to and already have contacted all of my friends, and I am encouraging them not to vote for you.
Not only is your statement idiotic, but it is hypocritical. Take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXOsZ7Ad7dM
Mr.Reid, if you wish to keep your seat in the senate, take back your statement.
Otherwise the only thing not reaching the senate this November will be you.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Hey Divsterfy, I'm going to make a separate post of this video

if you don't mind. Great catch.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

Harry "Honey Badger" Reid don't care

He answers to a higher power... whoever has been pulling his strings!