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Maryland Gun Owners! I bet you will be happy to see this!

Maryland concealed carry permit rules to relax next month


This makes me excited. I can hardly believe my commie state is allowing this to happen.

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Maryland has been sitting on applications...

Since the ruling in March. That's why the Judge finally acted and told them to implement his order.

They have two weeks to appeal and ask for a stay...which I'm sure they will do. Maryland is a crony state - too close to DC - the heart of socialist America.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

I used to live in ...

I used to live in Maryland and had a motorcycle business. I had to get an attorney to process my paperwork and go with me to my interview before I could get my permit. Maybe they didn't like that I had a Harley shop and they did everything possible to prevent me from getting a permit.I now live in Georgia and it is a "shall issue" state and not a "may issue" state.


Good on You

for leaving the People's State of Maryland. I'm an ex-resident myself, having fled long ago after realizing the state is the recipient of huge amounts of federal largesse and that I couldn't in good conscience participate in that looter economy. The amount of teet sucking that goes on in Maryland is way out of proportion to any other state with the possible exception of Virginia.

My family is still there - my bro owns a successful home building business (due to the indirect benefit of the unceasing growth of the federal government in the DC area), but is being killed by MD's 'millionaire' tax. He's looking to renounce his MD citizenship only now - despite my best efforts, it took him decades to realize he's the sacrificial cow in a state full of meat eaters.

The rest of my family are unfortunately fat dumb and happy that their world is 'just fine' and that the gunvernment will take care of everything, just you wait and see.