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Firesociety forums

There is a site that caters to conservitive forums which is pretty interesting. There are quite a few Dr. Paul supporters posting on there, however there are a bunch of Fredheads on there who are posting pictures of Dr. Paul wearing tinfoil hats and saying 9/11 was an inside job, calling us loons, kooks, wackos, etc. Some have said that Dr. paul really has only 22 supporters, or he has the support of less than 5% of the population, plus that old favorite "snowballs chance in hell" of winning. If some of you have a chance, go to the site, sign up, go to the forums, find the one that says "Who supports Ron Paul" and just leave a post that says I SUPPORT RON PAUL! Can we show them they are WRONG, and what that less than 5% really looks like? Just a thought. Here's a link to their main page, I'm kind of tired of their abuse.

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