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Sir, I Know Ron Paul And Gary Johnson Is No Ron Paul !

Lay off the Daily Johnson here! Wait until the convention before you pimp GJ!

I have been following Dr. Paul for 15 years now and there just might be a game plan here. Obamney has zero loyalty. Who would die 4 Mittens? (Is it just me or is this guy MaxHeadroom from the 80's, a talking head that goes on & on and says nothing?) Dr. Paul is the only 3rd party candidate that could win!! (And apparently can't do that because of the sore loser law?)

This convention could be the perfect storm. WE (the delegates) will decide if Dr.Paul speaks, not the good ole boys' country club!! THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING!! Who knows if anything will come of the massive election fraud and dirty tricks. Listen 2 the man, not the chatter! Did you hear the speech at the Texas convention?



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Restating the Benson tale doesn't make the OP an authority

The OP tells people what to do instead of clearing anything up. Given the title of the thread one might think the author has personal experience with the two candidates. That there might be some insight. No, the title is an empty stunt to throw cheap shots. It's remarkable that the candidate closest to Ron ideologically receives this treatment.

I hope

That this is the last I will say on the matter. I will not vote for Obama, Romney, Gary Johnson, or Vigil Goode. In short, I will only vote for the senatorial election, congressional elections, state elections, and local elections.

As mentioned with Johnson, I do not think that he understands the need for liberty through decentralization of the power structure to a more local levels; as such, if he saw a bill that would through a strict readinbg, lead to more liberty by putting power in the hands of federal government, he would not veto it, and would fail to see the long term problems. Then, there are a few issues that shape the very core of my outlook on life that I cannot in good conscience vote for him.

Vigil Goode is said to have supported the Patriot Act; I need not say anymore. As for Romney and Obama, they are right on nothing.

No vote in the presidential elections from me, though I can understand why others might not feel that way and I respect their right to do as they wish.

Stop being so paranoid

if Dr. Paul doesn't emerge as the GOP candidate in August, then what will writing him in iin November do except insure Obama wins?

I agree with enough of Gary Johnson's views that I will vote for him, only if Dr. paul is not on the ballot.

Listen if we combine our votes with those of GJ supporters, we have a real chance at a win.

If we split our votes between GJ and RP, we all lose.

Good Lord. I want RP too, and am hoping for hime to win the nomination in August or have GJ step aside for him to run Libertarian. But if neither happens, I will give my vote to the candidate most likely to represent my views. I'm begging you to do the same if it comes down to it.

The way it is panning out...

Republicans will be split between:

1. Gary Johnson
2. Ron Paul write-ins
3. Mitt Romney

Democrats will be split between:

1. Gary Johnson
2. Barack Obama

The deck is stacked in favor of Obama. We have a chance to secure liberty with ONE of these candidates - lacking a Tampa Miracle. Could Republican and Democratic supporters of Gary Johnson be convinced to write-in Ron Paul?

This is the hand reality has dealt. How will it be played?

Obama will win and he will be

Obama will win and he will be a lame duck. It's almost guaranteed. Unfortunately, the health care law will stay in place.

I believe...

our only chance if Ron is not on the ticket would be to try and get Gary elected.

The status quo must go.

I do not disagree with your

I do not disagree with your desire, however realism tells me I will unfortunately be correct, unless Obama does something really, really dumb in public. Yes, I can already predict there will be sarcastic comments like, "he's already dumb in public..." and so on, but my assertion stands.


I get a downvote for stating a fact that Johnson is speaking at the RP rally in Tampa....ROFL....no wonder we have a bad image publicly.

You're stating the obvious...

I'm sure there's not one bone of contention in your statement. The difference is this: unless the anti-Mormon god forces Mittens out of the race(and if this did happen you can guarantee the RNC would throw Santorum's or Rubio's mug in the brokered convention) the fact will remain that one will be on the ballot and one will not. If all goes as the establishment plans, it will be Obama vs. Romney vs. Johnson vs. "other." If that's the case, and knowing Johnson is no Ron Paul, Johnson is still better than the other options and therefore will get my vote.

I cannot for the life of me

I cannot for the life of me understand how Gary Johnson can be attractive to any libertarian because of his stance on war. He's much better suited for the neocon party.

Okay, but what about Ron

Okay, but what about Ron Paul's stances on flag burning laws, abortion, border control, evolution etc?

Very much neo-con.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Johnson's view on war...

...I feel is very similar to the Ayn Rand Objectivist point of view. So I agree with you- not libertarian. But certainly you will agree that he's far less of a 'hawk' than the other two.

I don't know about that. His

I don't know about that. His governmental ideology is "rational social interest", which is to say, there has to be a logical case for spending money or making laws that clearly exceed the costs or side effects, which is simply achieved through common sense.

Further, I would say that objectivism isn't ideology, but a method of obtaining it, similar to praxology, the basis for obtaining the truth in Austrian economics, which are basically "intellectual common sense" of a sort.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

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thank you, I've been saying

thank you, I've been saying this over and over for weeks now..
Ron Paul= America's best hope!

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Tampa Speech

Gary Johnson is a speaker at the RP rally in Tampa.....just sayin'.

Is it really a Ron Paul rally if

Ron Paul isn't going to be there?

Paul Fest is really Johnson Fest.

Ron Paul will be at his own event.

I am!

OF COURSE Gary Johnson is no Ron Raul. NOBODY compares

to Ron Paul.

But Gary Johnson or ANYBODY similar beats the hell out of Obama or Romney.

Liberty is Liberty

Stop down voting fellow rEVOL activist this should be a place of discourse and you wonder why the hits on DailyPaul.com take a nosedive and has trouble funding itself after election cycles. Liberty is Liberty. Ron Paul is not the end all be all but I’m still writing Ron Paul in. That’s my personal chose. There are those who may think differently and would rather take a 2 pronged approach by also pushing Gary Johnson. It’s OKAY because we are ALL fighting for the same thing and that is FREEDOM. Those that want to bash Johnson on substance and his own contradictions I support you because this type of critical thinking and questioning is what is needed in the Liberty movement to keep it 100 but this should be used with all candidates not just Gary Johnson better yet we need to look at ourselves first critically to remove our own individual and collective biases. We should really look at Rand critically and even Ron Paul himself. No one should get a free pass. So you all have a chose go down the same path as the Tea Party or really stand for something. Don’t talk about it do it. Don’t say I’m only for Ron Paul because he could die tomorrow say you’re for FREEDOM. I ask people the same question all the time are you here for Ron Paul or are you here for what he represents. Let’s see if DP subscribers are just a quote “cult” of semi-awakened semi-collectivist individuals that just talk shit about Liberty all day online or are we true FREEDOM fighters that actually put in work.

Also for when or if individuals attempt to childlessly attack me or down vote me instead of have true dialogue to actually do something positive for the Liberty movement after this replay note work I’ve done for the liberty movement within the few short months of joining the rEVOLution after being a political atheist. I’m a recently elected committeeman and will be running for city council in the next election, have started a Young Republican Party in my County 270 strong in an urban Democratic stronghold, created 35+ conservative business coalition that now accepts the GOLD dinar as a means of exchange parallel with the dollar, we do voter registration drives every month (300+ registrations and counting I got 3 this morning from random strangers on my way to work) and we do community workshops every month. Last month we did an Austrian economics workshop and had 50 attendees. A good portion of them are reformed quote “Lefties” which you have so much disdain for. I should have told them NO we don’t want you to enlighten yourself and become Libertarians. Stay liberal so I can complain all day and feel good about myself on DailyPaul.com instead of doing something actually productive for society in my community.

It would be better if you didn’t respond to me until you have gotten every household in a 2 block radius of your residence registered to vote and have attended at least 1 city council meeting this week. When you can at least just do those at a minimum for the liberty movement respond to me so we can have a discussion about how we can work together to better get people involved in the rEVOLution.

But is it okay to applaud?

But is it okay to applaud?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

You're right.

Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul.

Gary Johnson's philosophical foundations are pretty shaky in comparison to Paul's thorough understanding of the libertarian philosophy. I don't know as much about GJ as I do about RP, but assuming everything I know is true, GJ and RP both have their faults. I'll leave it at that. They also both have their strengths. I prefer different characteristics of each man.

I have little hope that either will become president. RP almost certainly won't make it past the convention. GJ just won't gain the votes even though the majority of Americans prefer his positions as a whole.
So, I'm going to vote to further the liberty movement as best I can.
For me, that means voting libertarian and hoping that enough people decide the same so that the libertarian party's gains are visible to the MSM and the voting public - hopefully showing people that liberty is popular AND growing. People like to jump on the popular bandwagon!
RP doesn't need to be the captain of the USS Liberty, as long as the ship continues gaining momentum!

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

I don't know about this

I don't know about this "shakey" thing so much.

I would say Gary Johnson is a better philosopher while Ron Paul is a better ideologue (except for when he is 180 degrees away from libertarian philosophy).

For instance, Gary is anti-interventionist, but realizes from a practical matter, as CIC, he MIGHT have to do some things to protect lives that a purist libertarian might find distasteful. And he is clear about that. But that he will have a transparent decision making process for all to see if he needs to do something aggressive.

Ron Paul may be a better ideologue because he IMPLIES that he will not do certain things, while simultaneously saying "well, if Congress approves it and there is a clear mission" he will.

And you can't deny, hopefully, that banning abortion is anti-libertarian. And that being anti-immigration is anti-libertarian. And being anti-flag burning, which in Ron Paul's world would mean that your flag that you purchased isn't yours and you could be fined or jailed for burning it to protest the government. How anti-libertarian is THAT!

So Ron Paul is 100% pure libertarian (rhetorically implied) on 75% of the issues, then he switches to social conservative or even neo-con and is 180 degrees from libertarian on about 25% of the issues.

Not trying to slam him, just saying what is what.

Gary is philosphically libertarian and Ron is ideologically libertarian (except when he isn't).

And a pure libertarian would NEVER run for office anyway!

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

rabble-rousers need not

rabble-rousers need not apply......to start an account on the DP.

personally, from the base knowledge i have on gary johnson, i can say i appreciate his efforts and respect his ability to balance a budget. but all these GJ pusher accounts seem to be an attempt at compromising the strength of RP supporters. RP is uncompromisable so, as his supporters i feel we should act the same way. RP (much) > GJ

we are in the final stretch now so we need to focus our strength on the right man.

keep voicing your support for RP to friends, keep writing your state reps, keep calling in to C-Span. we're on to something great here.


RP is dangerous, so dangerous


All these GJ supporters need to wait till after the convention. And even then I am going to wait for what Ron Paul has to say about his endorsement. I will only follow Ron Paul because I only trust Ron Paul. He is my founding father.

We need the GJ supporters to come to us to Tampa and support Ron there, so we can discuss what to do with each other personally. it would be fun.

but especially on reddit, the GJ people need to cool it. Ron Paul is loyal to the constitution and we need to be loyal to him.

Stop thinking of this as Johnson vs. Paul...

Right now it is not Johnson vs Paul. No one is saying to stop supporting Ron Paul, I know I am not going to stop. But we are all pro-liberty are we not? Should we as pro-liberty people be supportive of another pro-liberty candidate? What do we lose by showing support for both Dr. Paul and Gary Johnson? Nothing! If we want to change the hearts and minds of the American public, we need as many pro-liberty people in the spot light as possible.

I totally agree!

I'm 100% for Ron Paul. We all know that Romney's position in the 'lead' is a joke, the media coverage and rhetoric is a joke because they swayed opinions to suit their needs, there's absolutely no reason to accept Romney's position...it's fake! I don't accept Romney and never will, if it were a fair, even playing field that would be different, but we all know it has not been and how much corruption was at play...the uphill battles that Ron Paul had to go through in this our 'democratic' election process. What a bunch of BS. Money doesn't buy votes, I don't care how much $$$ Romney throws around to force himself into the election! The RNC needs to nominate Ron Paul or they will lose...period! There is way too much at stake to accept any less. RON PAUL 2012! This is the year!

I support Gary Johnson, but

I support Gary Johnson, but I'm voting for Ron Paul

Well Put!

Well Put!

Sounds pushy.

I'm the sort of guy who prefers a lot full of weeds, logs, and rocks to a perfectly manicured and well-nigh sterile golf course. You're not doing me any favors by trying to mono-culture this site.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

We waited for the Libertarian

We waited for the Libertarian Convention, which Gary handily won. And we waited for Ron Paul to announce that he was no longer in it to win it (several months ago). Waiting until the Republican Convention seems both arbitrary and senseless given that Ron has unofficially dropped out of the race.

And what then? Will the new excuse be that "well, he hasn't officially announced that he won't run as an an independent yet"?

Unless Romney actually dies in some freak accident or dies of a heart attack, he is the nominee. And even then, the idea that Republicans would allow Ron Paul be the nominee is pretty absurd. They would resurrect Michelle Bachmann before allowing it.

I understand you built up a bunch of emotions and hope into pulling a hat trick in Tampa, but last I heard, Ron Paul hasn't even qualified as a potential nominee. And his son has long ago backed someone else, admitting his father was out of it.

I don't know what more you need in order to start to look at the reality of what has happened.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"