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Is it too late for Ron Paul to run for a third party?

Just wondering here, if things don't work out at the convention the way we would hope, is there any chance of getting Ron Paul to run third party?

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The last day to apply to be on the ballot expired as much as 6 months ago - well prior to the asking by various interviewers of Ron Paul of whether he had plans to do so.

It's hard to guess whether the tv people asking him over and over again if he planned to run third party knew that it was impossible since the last day to do so had already passed, but they probably wouldn't have cared and asked anyway because they get paid to read the questions on the card, not to think.

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i think hardcore grassroot'in on singular issues is most

effective at this point.. to push individual reforms through one by one through pressure on the house because it's easier to throw out congressional incumbents.. presidency has the most establishment resistance and it may not be an efficient use of resource at all, apart from helping us spread the message. we have done that this cycle, which is why i think LP is pointless.

it's time to turn the attention we garnered this election cycle into pressures for issues on the congress, like audit the fed, not to continue pursue something with diminishing return and worse, regress because of unscrutinized special interests entrenched in so called 3-rd parties.

To late,

and frankly it would make him look like a sore loser (even though he did very well with all the fraud and bias.) But I guess it would be possible if he was on a third party ticket as VP, GJ are you listening?

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Better to have one sore loser elected

than 300+ million of us losers if Obamney gets elected.